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Mountain Girl Planning Bahama Beach Wedding

New to the boards and happy to be here!!
Looking forward to a May 2015 wedding in the Bahamas.  Top of the list right now is Treasure Cay on the out island of Abaco.  He needs to be somewhere he can golf with the fellas. We need to be somewhere that is easy to get around without a lot of walking as there are a couple people who have bad knees, oxygen, that sort of stuff.  Along with being close to Florida for flying in direct it seems to be perfect! 
Anyone else out there doing Bahamas?  We won't have the luxury of any site tour prior to our arriving for the wedding in 2015 so we hope everything is 'as pictured'.  Any former DW brides out there please make me wise from your experience!  Thanks in advance and i am looking forward to the process!!

Re: Mountain Girl Planning Bahama Beach Wedding

  • i was thinking of getting all the girls these fancy feet thingies.  the bouquet is the color palette i like and we are considering paper garland on the 'arch'.  he likes the wispy fabric for the arch and i like the driftwood.  
  • Hi @Bahamas0515

    I got married in the Bahamas in April. It was at a resort on Nassau though so I don't know how much help I can be considering you are thinking Treasure Cay. However, I will say that my resort of choice "Breezes Bahamas was within walking distance of a golf course. The golf course was closed for construction when I was there, but if I recall correctly it should be opening this month. 
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  • @TH  thanks so much for the info.  We are going to honeymoon at Atlantis but wanted to go to Nassau for at least a day.  did you like it there, is it a fairly safe city?  i will research the golf courses near the resort you mention as i am SURE jared will want to golf more than once in two weeks!!  i like to ride along and i imagine bahamian golf courses are beautiful! =)  i heard back from my first choice hotel that our desired wedding date is available!  did you go to the resort before you got married?

    As always your wisdom is SO appreciated!!
  • Powder day in the mountains today but my mind is still on the sunny beach!! if the weather plays nice later (it is slick and scary out this morning) i will be going to have my dress measurements done this evening! i sent an inquiry to the Bahama Beach Club for the ceremony, lodging and parties, the HDIC (head dude in charge) called and sent an email with pkg pricing which seems pretty reasonable. we are going to have to assist a few of our family to get to the wedding so BBC has sent a wide range of prices. here are the two dresses i am thinking about for THE dress. i love the cowl neck as it is the dress i have always pictured but i am concerned that the train is too much to walk around with at the reception and i don't think it can be bustled. the open back lace dress is so striking, the skirt can be made convertible and probably is better for a beach wedding.
  • Oh, i forgot to mention the Bahama Beach Club offered us a comp 2 night stay to meet with them and check out their property! we are trying to make that happen this coming May, however my step daughter is graduating from HS so trying to work a few days around that could get tough. exciting though a two night free stay!! =)
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    We paid our deposit and have decided on the Bahama Beach Club in Treasure Cay on Abaco!!!! the catering director is going to help us personally which we think is pretty neat! the pricing is coming in a little (and by a little i mean 1500 or so) over budget. to offset this we are going to do all paper flowers for the BM and GM and minimal flowers on the reception center pieces, we are hoping this will save us about $600 right out of the gate. i learned how to make 3 different flowers and have been practicing, when they look good i will post some pictures. my MoH loves the idea and is thrilled to help. has anyone else done or thinking of doing paper flowers? thanks as always!! =)Wedding Countdown Ticker
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    I will also have paper flowers, something like this: Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • I got married in Paradise Island, Bahamas in May.  It was right next door to Atlantis.  I don't have any advise for Abaco, and I did not use paper flowers.  I had a simple wedding without all the frills.  I loved the Bahamas, and we felt safe when we were in Nassau.  One thing that was odd to us, is that everything seems to close early there.  If you are interested in night life, going out on the town isn't really much of an option.  We stayed at our resort (RIU) when we wanted to stay up late.  We went to Atlantis one day with a day-pass to go to the water park, and it was fun, but everything was so expensive.  We stayed next door for the all-inclusive option.  Something to look into for your honeymoon.  Good luck planning - sorry I'm not more help.

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