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I'm married! Here are my reviews... :)

mlg78mlg78 member
500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers
edited October 2013 in Ohio-Cleveland

Ridge Manor Banquet Center – I love Ridge Manor! Sharon was great to work with. So much is included here and she says “yes” to almost every question you ask! Beautiful centerpieces, card box, tax/gratuity, bartenders, security…it’s all included! It’s a larger place and the food is amaaaaaazing!  She even sent us home with trays of leftover buffet food.  I heard lots of great food reviews from my wedding guests.  I would recommend this venue over and over again!

WorkShed Pictures – What a steal!  I booked him over the winter when he was offering a $100 off deal.  He was a great deal without that $100 off so with it, he was unbelievable.  We got two camera guys for that price.  He even came to the rehearsal so he could get a feel for the place.  I really enjoyed working with him.  I also liked that the final payment wasn’t due until we picked up the DVDs so you couldn’t end up with the horror stories you sometimes hear of brides not getting their photos or videos from vendors.  I really enjoyed working with Nick and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Rob Rife Photography – It should tell you something that I had over $500 in referral credits with Rob because so many of my friends booked him for their weddings too!  He is a seasoned professional who knows how to get the job done.  He’s confidant and that made me feel better about my decision to hire him. While I haven’t seen the pictures yet, I am already realizing there were some shots we didn’t get that are typical wedding shots (pics of our hands with our rings, just him and I posed at the church, etc.).  He got our pics back in just 2 weeks and 477 pics were given to us!  I've been pleased with what I've seen and he chose great photos to turn into black and white.  I would recommend him to anyone on a budget!

Magical Sound Entertainment (Tim Tatko) – Tim has been wonderful to work with.  I’d seen him at an event before so I was happy to have him back.  He definitely got a feel for the crowd and what they were looking for.  He’s very professional and experienced!  Two other friends I’ve referred to him also booked him!

All Occasion Limo – Vic was a great driver.  Check the Entertainment Book for a 50% off coupon.  I think our 12-person limo came to about $280 plus tip.

Roses for Weddings – Get a quote from Ety…you won’t be disappointed!  I didn’t have a single rose at my wedding so don’t let the name fool you.  She did wonders with the calla lilies for my wedding.  She had many wonderful ideas and her prices cannot be beat.  She works out of her home so the savings are passed along to us.  She also did our chair covers.  She also took care of our chair covers.  It’s difficult to find them under $3.25/chair so her price of $3/chair cannot be beat!  She’s very creative and flexible with what she can do.  I found a gorgeous, expensive bouquet that I fell in love with.  I told her it was out of my budget so by eliminating a few flowers and making it a bit smaller she made it work with what I could afford.  I was thrilled!

Total Eclips Salon – I hate it when salons upcharge brides to have pretty much the same thing done in terms of a formal up-do but bridesmaids and anyone else get to pay far, far less.  It’s total crap!  It was only $50 for us to have our hair done and if you’re interested in make-up too…it’s only $25 more!  It’s a cute salon and I also went back to get my highlights touched up before the wedding.

Hampton Inn – Chris, the manager, has been very helpful.  With ten room block bookings you get the shuttle for free.  I had 16, I think.  Just be sure you tell your guests when the room block is cut off.  For us, it was 8/31 for our 9/21 wedding.  People can still get the room block price after that but it’s a big hassle to do so as they have to book and then the booking is transferred to the manager to change the price.  Our stay at the Hampton Inn was nice. They even put out a sign and balloons welcoming the new Mr. & Mrs.  I also enjoyed their complimentary breakfast each morning.  The shuttles were a fiasco, however.  We had to pre-select the times and I had them hand out welcome cards to each of our guests staying at the hotel that explained the times.  I don’t know how other guests got back but the shuttle wasn’t there at 11:45pm to take the remaining people back, including my husband and I.  I called them and they came only to find that someone threw up in the shuttle.  She described him and he certainly wasn’t one of our wedding guests but it was still less than pleasant to find so we ended up having a friend drive us back.

American Commodore – They were the biggest headache of everyone we worked with.  When my husband and I booked our wedding with them we made our tux/vest/shoe selections.  We chose two shoes with the same “toes” and the men could choose either the ties or the loafer versions so they’re comfortable in whatever they’d prefer.  Well, my stepdad and my husband were given loafers when we asked for ties for them.  My husband specifically was in an accident 6 years ago and needs ties because he doesn’t have good use of one foot.  The hassle to get the correct shoes was a complete pain.  They could order them and deliver them but I’d have to know where I’d be at one specific time in the day before the wedding. Seriously? That’s when I’m running around like a maniac running last minute errands! I got pissed and hung up on them.  I’ll be writing a nasty letter to their corporate office. I was not impressed.


Re: I'm married! Here are my reviews... :)

  • Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had good vendors. I haven't had good luck with American Commodore so far.

     What Hampton Inn was it?

  • The one on Tiedeman off of 480.  Our church and reception were both in Brooklyn so everything was super compact. :)

  • Thanks - the one in Middleburg Hts. has been rough to deal with the last few weeks. 

  • Thanks for the reviews... I too booked Ety and Tim Tatko (tim based on your review actually) thanks for all the help!

  • That's great! Ety's prices are amazing and I was thrilled with my flowers. Tim is a great deal too!  I had a six hour reception so DJs could quickly get expensive but his 6 hour price was like what I'd be paying for 4 hours with other DJs.

  • Congrats!!! I just got a call from the florist I was hoping to go with and they are booked. Can I ask how much ety charged for your bridal bouquet? I'm so clueless when it comes to the price of flowers.
  • mlg78mlg78 member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    edited September 2013

    I don't know how much for just my bouquet...but I'll tell you we paid $546.35 for my bouquet, 4 BM, 8 boutonnieres, 2 moms, and 3 grandmothers.  This also included tax.  They also had calla lilies in them which tend to be a little pricier.  I was very pleased with what she did.

  • Erinp2005, that is a great price for flowers. I paid $300-$400 more then that for just about about the same amount of flowers (no calla lilies either)

  • Thank you both! That's a great price for all that you got!

    I need 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 6 bouts and 2 corsages (possibly). I really didn't want to spend over $400 but didn't know how realistic that was, so that you for sharing.
  • Tell her your budget and your colors.  She'll come up with some ideas for you.  I found this gorgeous bouquet that I fell in love with but it was really pricey.  She just sized it down a bit and removed a couple calla lilies and that put it well within my budget. I just asked someone I referred to her and she got 1 bridal bouquet, 4 BMs, 7 boutonnieres and 2 wrist corsages and it was $492 with tax.  I think she can get it close to your budget.  If she can't, nobody can...  You will need to pick up as delivery will be $95.

  • Thanks so much for sharing all of this! Do you have a link for the limo service you used? Thanks!
  • After too many headaches I finally conceded that our first choice florist was never going to work. (I will give that info in my reviews post wedding).

    I took @mlg78 's suggestion and called Ety tonight. We are 3.5 weeks out and she just saved me $700 dollars. Within in hour she had everything put together over the phone with pictures. I went from meltdown mode to incredibly thrilled!

  • Thank you for all of this information! This might be a dumb question, but you talk about a 50% deal on your limo in the Entertainment Book. Is this located on their website or where might I find it? Thanks so much!
  • You have to buy an Entertainment book.  Google them...  It's full of restaurant, dry cleaning, putt putt coupons, etc.  They also happen to have one for the limo. 

  • Thanks for all the info! I just got engaged this weekend and I need all the recommendations I can get.

    Random, but is Tim Tatko a larger, blond-haired guy? Because that was my elementary school principal - hah!
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