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I was hoping some of you ladies out there can help. My fiance and I are getting married next year at Fireside Tavern in Strasburg, PA. We are having an outdoor ceremony there. Do you know of any non judgemental officiants? My fiance would perfer that the pastor is a man. So that eliminates a lot of officiants. Neither one of us currently attends church. I would 2 jobs and have my part time job Sunday mornings so that makes going to church very difficult. We want someone who will marry us and not judge us for not attending church. We are both good people. We are also willing to do counseling with this person as well. So any good recommendations would be appreciated.


Re: Officiant recommendations needed

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    So, you want a non-judgemental officiant, but it must be a man?

    Maybe a local judge?

  • Our officiant was amazing, so if your fiance will bend on the man issue, then I highly recommend Rev. Pamela Brehm. She is awesome, totally non-judgemental and makes  your ceremony completely personal. She will come to Lancaster without charging for travel.
  • Robb greene the marrying mayor (now retired as mayor but still ddoes weddings.) He has a standard civil ceremony you can change however u want. I dont believe he does rehearsals but his fee is whawhatever you want to pay. My wedding hasn't happened yet so ì cant give a review but I've heard good things!
  • Highly recommend Dave DiRaddo of Wedding dayz or Kelly Jo Singleton who would be right up your alley with the non-judgemental and has performed tons of weddings at Fireside.
  • I agree--Robb Green may be a good option. He's very friendly- we've chatted on the phone for almost an hour. 

  • We are having Dave DiRaddo officiate our wedding.  We were really comfortable with him when we met.
  • Reverend Tim George was recommended by the chapel where we are getting married. 
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