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OOT Bachelorette - Things to do?

So my little sister's bachelorette is in less than 2 weeks. We're going out of town for a weekend (Friday thru Sunday) to Savannah, GA (we live in Atlanta so it's about a 5 hour drive) with her bridal party and some other guests (who are also invited to the wedding). I'm her MOH and I'm the one hosting the event so I'm pretty sure I've taken care of the generics. I've booked the hotel rooms, we're carpooling as a group, and I've made a dinner reservation for the night of her actual party.

I guess my question is we have a full day Saturday that's pretty much open. In my invitations, I included a section for an itinerary of sorts that had daily "highlights". Some of the Saturday highlights included shopping and a trip to the beach before returning to the hotel to get ready for an evening out. Do you all think I need to make more detailed plans for the day of Saturday? Right now the only hard plans I have laid out are that we need to be back at the hotel by 5:30 to get ready for dinner and bar-hopping. While I don't think we need to have everything planned down to the minute...I feel like the day of Saturday is vague as far as plans are and I don't want people to get bored or feel like they need to hang out at the hotel all day because I don't have something pre-arranged. Should I consider making a list of free "fun things to do" in the area? Like historic home tours? Museums? Interesting shopping districts? We're a group of 13 so I don't want everyone to feel like we have to do everything together and get group-consensus on every single little activity.

I guess I'm really just at a loss. I've never hosted a bachelorette before and the one bachelorette party I've attended was incredibly small and low-key (the bride was pregnant and her MOH wasn't really the party-planning type) so I have nothing to compare against.

Finally, we're hosting a surprise thing for my sister. I can't go into details because she's on TK and while I don't know if she ever stalks this board I don't want to take any chances. What are fun bachelorette party games that we can play before dinner and also during the evening of? I've gotten very little feedback from the rest of the bridal party...I think they are all in the same boat I am...clueless and inexperienced.


Re: OOT Bachelorette - Things to do?

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I went to Savannah a couple years ago and we took a bus tour of the city. The city is absolutely gorgeous and the buses stop at like 13 different locations where you can get off the bus and you can get back on later in the day. You might consider doing something like that because small groups could get off the bus at different things that they want to do, but you guys would likely see each other throughout the day on the bus and at different stops. I hope that made sense.
  • AM26561AM26561 member
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    I recently planned an OOT bachelorette party not unlike this.  I would check with others in the bridal party or anyone else who is helping you plan/host to gather more ideas and feedback.  I don't see anything wrong with not having a minute-by-minute itinerary, but you have to give people some sort of idea of what is going to happen.  I know you said shopping and beach, but one OR the other makes a big difference in what I, as a guest, would pack and prepare for.  [Plus if you're planning on hitting up River Street (which could be something really fun for SaturDAY) that means different shoes to me.  :)]

    I would have a rough itinerary including estimates of when you want to leave the hotel in the morning, how long for shopping/the beach/lunch, etc, leave this place by this time to be back and start getting ready by this time, etc.  With that many people, you're going to want some sort of organization.  

    And have back up ideas in place if nothing is set in stone.  For the one I planned, we were going canoeing during the day, but rain nearly nixed that idea.

    In terms of games, we played some bridal shower-like games where everyone guesses the brides answers to different questions about herself, to see how well they know her.  We also played a similar game to see how well the bride knew the groom.  I gave out little prizes for the winners (most questions right or correctly guessed how many questions the bride would get right re: the groom) that included little lotions, shower gels, candles, etc.  When the bride answered questions about the groom, she got to open a gift if she got it right and took a shot if she got it wrong.  But, I've also seen it done where she has to add a piece of gum for each question wrong.  :)
  • My MOH did a "scavenger hunt" of sorts for my bachelorette this past weekend. WAY fun. She got ideas from just googling bachelorette scavenger hunt and editing down the lists online and adding her own things. 

    It had things like: 
    - Get a guy to propose to the bride (bonus points if he has something to use as a "ring") the guy that proposed to me used a carabiner
    - Find a guy with the same name as the groom
    - Have a guy put make up on you
    - order a "blow job" shot and take the drink for you and the bride. 
    - get a guy to talk to the bride in a foreign language
    - get a guy to buy the bride a drink
    - get a guy to buy the whole party a drink

    Most of the items were silly - nothing too scandalous. I think all-told there were 25 or 30 items on the list and people worked in teams. You could do prizes (trinkets) at the end for the person who gets the best score, but mostly we just did things, checked them off, and had a great time doing it!
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    Thanks all!

    @AM26521 Hopefully I've emphasized enough to everyone that they need to wear comfortable shoes... Our hotel is maybe a block from River Street and all of the main shopping/dining/etc stuff. My goal is to park the cars and leave 'em (with the exception of our beach excursion...that's a 20 or 30 minute drive). I think I'll type up a rough itinerary like you mentioned to have for the weekend. The "itinerary" on the invitation is fairly vague as far as times go. We played a game like you mentioned at one of my sister's showers. We pre-recorded the groom's answers and for every question she got wrong she had to chew a piece of gum.

    @dramamonkey I think I'll have to do a scavenger hunt. :) The girls who are coming range from being somewhat conservative to all-out wild partiers so it will definitely be interesting. A prize would be fun. My sister and I already putting together somewhat elaborate favor giftbags so maybe a small basket of lotions would be cute...or a silly tiara to wear or something.

  • lmhollister it was way fun. My friends are a mix too and we're all in our early/mid 30s. There was nothing too embarrassing

    Example 1: Guy putting lipstick on one of my bridesmaidsimage

    Same guy "proposing" to me image
  • Oh! They also made me a tutu (tulle and ribbon) and had markers so random people could sign it (I pushed the tulle and ribbons around back so that it was more like a bustle: 


  • day of shopping/beach sounds fun... contact the guest list and throw some ideas to see what they want to do.  Let them know you are planning shopping/beach for the day but to throw out ideas if they have something else in mind.  end of the day it will be hard to please everyone & in big groups i feel people will just go with the flow.   You don't need every minute planned out but have a back up in case shopping and the beach fizzle out.  I'm sure you'll do lunch or something so that will kill some time as well.  And I don't know about you but I always enjoy a little down time to get ready/hang at the hotel. 

    For my bachelorette party we started the afternoon with pedicures and then went to check in at the hotel where they had snacks and drinks prepared up in the room.  we also played a game and just had fun hanging out together getting ready for dinner and the bar afterwards.

  • @Imhollister how did the party go?!  I just had mine (in Savannah as well) this weekend and it was a blast!
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @ameraznhuney It was great although I think there are some things I'd do differently if I had a chance. The Savannah Slowride wasn't what we expected. Pedaling the bike was RIDICULOUSLY difficult even with 11 girls pedaling. The guide didn't help us at all and he took us around to bars that had a cool atmosphere for like...one on one date situations...but not a bachelorette party. Plus, they implied on their website that they take you to bars that give you discounts if you're on the Slowride...but the truth is only one bar actually does. So I feel like we paid $25/person just to work our asses off pedaling and providing entertainment for the downtown streets of Savannah. I would much rather have scheduled a ghost tour or something since the party fell so close to Halloween.

    Otherwise we had an absolutely wonderful time! Friday night ended up being the blow-out, get really drunk night and Saturday was a little more low-key because we had to get up and drive the next morning. We went to a lot of really wonderful bars and restaurants and I was VERY happy with our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in the historic district and the rooms were perfect! I'd recommend them to anyone after our stay. They weren't the cheapest hotel but I really feel like we got our money's worth by staying there.

    I think we ran into at least 5 other bachelorette parties over the course of the weekend. :) Seems like a popular destination. What did you do for your bach?

  • We thought Friday was going to be our low-key night and Saturday was our blowout, but both nights ended up being fabulously ridiculous and full of shenanigans, mostly because of the amount of alcohol inolved, but hey.  Friday we started the night at Saddlebags, definitely rode the mechanical bull, and rocked it.  Theeen, because we had no shame, we went to Uncle Harry's.

    Saturday during the day was recovery, shopping, and massages.  Saturday night we kind of wandered around looking for places to go.  Started at Savannah Smiles and then ended up bar hopping pretty much every bar on River St til we got back to Saddlebags.  Serious shenanigans.  Ran in to two or three other bach parties but we were the only ones with ridiculous props.  More recovery on Sunday followed by a horse & buggy tour, dinner, and ice cream from Leopolds!  We called it an early night since we needed to leave early on Monday.  I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends of my life.

  • I went to Savannah twice last year. If ya'll are foodies I totally suggest the Savannah taste experience they take you to different restaurants to taste appetizers and drinks, while walking to the next restaurant they talk about the history of Savannah. Also make sure you go to river street lots of stuff to do there. Also don't forget the downtown area lets you carry around alcohol as long as it is in a plastic 16 oz cup, a lot of the bars have souvenir cups just for that reason :)
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