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June 2014 Weddings

What are you working on right now?

What are your current projects wedding related?

What are your non wedding related projects?

Reading any good books right now?



Re: What are you working on right now?

  • wow crafty. There will be no crafting or DIY for this wedding, what ever I need will be bought or rented or found on etsy. 

    1. We will begin putting togethe STD over the weekend. We will also begin look at florists and limo for transporation.  We need a shuttle to/from the hotel to the reception site, a limo for the bridal party and we're considering getting bently or rolls roycecar just for us

    2. Non wedding I take a big licensing exam for work on Thursday

    3.Nothing other than studyng materials I want to reread Catching Fire before the movie comes out and I also want to red the divergent series.


  • Wedding related: Nothing mwahaha. We're doing a workshop for our catholic marriage this weekend (9th) so that'll be fun. 2 hours one way, 8 hour workshop 2 hours back.. zzzzZZZZzzz Long day!
     Also going to call a woman about centerpieces on Sunday which I met her on Sat. at a craft show :)

    non-wedding: translating German school papers for a student

    Reading: I'm reading German documents.. does that count? My FI is getting me the hunger games trilogy for christmas, can't wait to start it.
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  • elBecko said:
    Haha, I'm actually not crafty at all. I'm really uncreative, but if I have a really good pattern and instructions, I'm usually okay. The real issue is that our decoration budget (for the ceremony and 2 receptions) is $500, so I pretty much have to make everything I want. One of my BMs has said she really wants to help, and she used to work as a costume designer, so she might end up doing all the sewing...fingers crossed!

    Good luck with your exam!!


    I wish I could be crafty especially sewing.


  • Wedding related: nothing! We're at a stand still but I'm going dress shopping with my girls next Sunday! Not wedding related: finishing up my semester at school and getting ready for finals Books worth reading: my cousin just released her 2nd book and it's been at the top of Amazons charts. The first one was Distractions and the new one is called Rotten both by J.L. Brooks. Both were amazing and I finished Rotten yesterday. Only took a day as I couldn't put it down :/
  • Lavender123Lavender123
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    Wedding related: finding a florist
    Books: Ken Follett - Pillars of the Earth
  • Wedding Related: Addressing Save-the-Date envelopes so they are ready to go out as soon as we get our engagement pictures

    Not wedding-related: We have Grandparents Day at school coming up. It's also the last week of the trimester, which means getting a lot of things done quickly, and then tackling report cards.

    Books: I just started St. Augustine's Confessions. 
  • Wedding Related: We just got our engagement photos back and FI and I are designing our Save-the-Dates.

    Not wedding related: I am in the process of putting together my PhD application as well as completing several other school assignments.

    Books: Bernard Cornwall's The Burning Land. I love the Saxon Tale series!!!
  • Wedding Related:
    I am working on STD's. I have already designed the invitations.image
    and just finished my bouquets.
     image  image  image
    I still have my church decorations, centerpieces, boutonniere's and corsage's to work on.

    Not Wedding Related: (well to my wedding anyway) I am working on bouquets for a friends wedding and thinking I may open my own Etsy store.

    Books: I have a couple of romance novels I pick up once in awhile, but nothing steady. I just finished my Master's program and really am not much into reading at the moment.

  • wabanziwabanzi
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    Wedding: Sashay ribbon chair ties (can't help myself, love to crochet); sending the StDs this week, booking our rehearsal dinner venue.

    Not Wedding Related: Grading, endless grading.  And a community engagement project to find barriers to higher education in poorer neighborhoods.

    Books: I don't do much pleasure reading during the school year, but the last book I read was  Cloud Atlas and really enjoyed it.
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  • Wedding Related- Planning pretty much every aspect of my wedding. I've been working on the Engagement annoucements for the newspaper and also figuring out a rough estimate of how many people to invite. I also recently have been browsing bridesmaid dresses and have found out some news that may alter my original plans lol but anyway; also just put our name down in our caterer's book so we will hopefully be meeting with them soon!!!! I'm trying to get my fiance's list of who he would like to invite and also trying to get ceremony time changed to 2:30 rather than 1:00. It's neverending really and I'm so tired of hearing there's still plenty of time. Truth is there isn't! 

    Non-wedding related: Working 2 jobs part-time both in customer service. Just recently landed a seasonal position and am trying to get all of that paperwork finalized so i can begin training. Trying to keep my six year old entertained and help him with his schoolwork....

    Books- I recently have been reading the The Fifty Shades of Grey triliogy and cannot wait to start the final book! (so good)! :)

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  • Wedding related: Just ordered my wedding dress this past Saturday. Booking the venue on Wednesday (yes, I know, a little backwards...dress...than venue). Lol. It's been difficult planning because I live in Atlanta and my mother lives in Tampa and this has been this first time she's been able to come visit me and get some of this done! I suspect that it's all downhill from here. I'm also looking at bridesmaids dresses (and a reception dress) at the moment.

    Non-wedding: Just working, I guess and staying busy. The FH and I are going to Tallahassee this weekend for homecoming since I am an FSU alumni (GO NOLES!)

    Books: A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin. Almost done and hoping that he will hurry up and finish writing his next one!!

  • @thenewmrsconnell I'm reading those books too I can't wait for the next one to come out too!


  • Wedding Related - We just booked our Honeymoon, Getting ready to pay the JOP, and Booking my mom's flights out here and hotel for the wedding. We're paying for her to fly out, and her hotel room because she's keeping my kids while we go on our Honeymoon. 

    Non-Wedding - My son's research fund for his disease went live yesterday, we are fund raising and training for a half marathon relay benefiting his fund, and just working and life. 

    Books - I just finished 'The Cuckoo's Nest' by J.K. Rowlings pseudonym, it was fabulous and I absolutely loved it. 
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  • Wedding Related - I've got the dress!!! My dress came in, it looked beautiful and we took it home.  It went to my grandmother's condo for safe keeping.  It's probably better to be out of my house or I would just want to stare at it every day.  The girls picked their dresses.  It was the easiest thing ever, each girl loved her first pick and we were done in 45 minutes.  The salon even commented it was one of the easiest appointments they have ever done.  I was also contacted to try the Hungry Girl Diet coming out next year.  I answered an email about a month ago to try out the diet and was contacted by producers today about starting the process, excited for that to begin.  Save the Dates were decided on and we are just waiting on the printer now, and we're in the process of designing our invitations.  It's crazy how much is going on now. 


    Non-Wedding Related - We are finishing out our basement so I am working with getting contractors lined up and keeping the project on budget.  I want our basement done, but I also want a honeymoon :)


    Books - I just finished "Orange is the New Black".  It was pretty good and interesting, slightly different from the Netflix series.  Now I'm reading "Lady Almina and The Real Downton Abbey", completely in love with this book and it's a great recommendation for any Downton Abbey fan.

  • Wedding Related:  I'm starting to look into florists and cake (yum!) and will hopefully have some meetings scheduled for both in the next few weeks.  The girls just ordered their bridesmaid dresses last weekend, so I'm happy to have those out of the way!

    Non-Wedding Related:  I teach middle school literature and language arts, so I have piles and piles of essays to grade...yuck!  Grading is probably my least favorite part of my job :/

    Books:  I read a TON, but a lot of it is young adult lit, since then I'm doing double duty - pleasure and work!  I just finished Ender's Game, which was really fascinating, and now I'm reading Eona.  It's the sequel to Eon.  The pair makes up a great fantasy series, but they're a little slow to start.
  • @beana89 I am currently reading ender's game it's pretty good I'm about 75% of the went through.  We just booked our florist earlier this week and did the bridesmaids dresses two weeks ago.


  • I'm working on my paper crane escort card project, also picked up my dress, designing save the date magnents

    None wedding related started new job. LOVING IT.

    refacing kitchen

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