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Friday or Sunday???

I decided to get married in September but can't decide on the day!!! My budget would totally fit if it were on a Friday, but I know that may not be convienent for everyone. Sunday is another popular day, and I am really feeling Sunday, since Saturday is so out of my budget. Does anyone know or have any suggestions on how I should choose my day. I am leaning for September 14th, which will be a Sunday, but I am scared to make it final.

Re: Friday or Sunday???

  • My fiance and I were in the same boat but we opted for Sunday Sept. 7th - I personally like Sunday weddings better (Sunday Funday!) But as someone who has been to a number of Friday and Sunday weddings - I always prefer to take a Monday off work rather than a Friday, to me it was a no brainer!

    I would have loved Sunday 9/14/14 as a wedding date but the Greek Church won't allow weddings that day (some holiday or something that I don't know much about)

    Good Luck!

  • My fiance and I just chose Sunday, September 21!  We opted for the Sunday because of the discounts associated with it, and I just feel it is a better day for guests.  The guests can then choose if they want to work the next day or not, whereas for a Friday wedding, they may automatically have to take off of work.

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  • Thanks for the reply back we acually chose Sunday! I had to sleep on it and Sunday just feels better.
  • Just be aware that a sunday wedding never has quite the same party vibe as a friday or saturday wedding.

    I've been to 3 sunday weddings and most guests leave right after the toasts.

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  • My fiance were debating between a Friday and Sunday, we also ended up going with Sun. 9/21/14. I agree with ccgreekwed. I would rather give people the option of taking off a Monday vs. automatically having to take off a Friday. I am a bridesmaid in my friends wedding in June and her wedding is on a Friday, I automatically have to take off work but so does my fiance just so he can come to the wedding. Congrats btw!!
  • I chose Sunday 9/14/14 as well.

    sundays just seem so much calmer...

    Friday ppl have work...Sat is grocery shopping and whatever errands ppl can't get done in the week, and Sunday is usually relax day.

  • My FI and I chose 9/19/14 (Friday) for a wedding. We talked with our family and VIPs and they all said Friday worked for them and they had no objections. I never really considered a Sunday wedding, not sure why. I think either day will have the chance of your guests declining even though a lot of people don't work the typical Monday - Friday. Also, with OOT family, either way they will be taking off work to make it so in the end Friday just worked for us better.
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  • What about Sunday before Labor Day?  Then most people won't have to take the day off.  It's a holiday, so it's a gamble, but a Sunday is kind of a gamble anyway.  
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  • Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend & Columbus Day weekend are Saturday night rates at many places.  I inquired because I was considering the Sunday of Columbus Day next year.
  • I just got engaged and I'm going with Friday, 9/5/14... That's my grandfather's anniversary and he isn't here to celebrate with me... I'm honoring him.
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  • Hey!! I had the same problem...I'm only having 60 guests and all the places that I loved had a Saturday night minimum of 125 guests.

    BUT the place I love actually does 2 weddings a day and no minimum for the earlier time slot so I was able to get my Saturday because the wedding is 2:30pm-8pm. Their evening wedding is held in a different, larger room so we won't be "rushed out". It's perfect for us because we are not night owl party people. See if you can find somewhere that does this so you can afford a Saturday!

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