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tell me about your dream dress!!

Hi girls!! I am very confuse about the dress, because i do not know when is the time to start looking for a dress and i worry to much about falling in love with more than 1 dress, i have seen many people saying they bought the dress and later found something they liked better. Do you guys think it is a good idea to buy a dress for the ceremony and another one for the party? how many dresses are you going to wear?  

Re: tell me about your dream dress!!

  • Personally, I think right off the bat doing research and making a list of what you want in a dress is important. Really pick your brain on what components of the dress are important to you and the kind of look you want to have for your wedding. 

    I am really big on saving money, so I only ever wanted to have one dress (It was hard enough handling the idea of wearing one dress for 8 hours and spending a lot, let alone the cost of two dresses plus alterations and accessories and such for just a couple hours per dress). But it's up to each bride and her budget :).

    I looked around till I found a dress that made my smile beam. And then when I found it I stopped looking and didn't let myself think of other possibilities that might be out there (and never ever tried on one outside my budget!!!). There will always probably be a grander, more spectacular dress out there. But I chose one that made me happy and that my family loved and that was in a good price point. And I'm sooo happy I did!  

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  • Start watching Say Yes to the Dress and looking at magazines to see which style dresses you like.  Then go to a bridal store and try some on.  For me, I was fixated on one specific designer, so I found a trunk show in my area and made an appointment.  It was the first time I went to try on dresses.  Tried on 4, bought #2.  That was 4 months ago and so far no regret.  I'm only wearing one dress.  With the amount of money/ level of obsession I have with this dress I couldn't imagine changing out of it.  I wouldn't stress so much about the dress. I know a lot of girls do, but for me it was the easiest part of planning so far.  Enjoy it!
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  • Lauracutter is right....start watching bridal shows....I was watching say yes to the dress 3 years ago and saw a lazaro 3018 I fell in love....push ahead to June 2012 tried it on and it was my dream dress...I'm wearing one dress because once it was on I could not imagine taking it off Good luck
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  • I'm a one dress bride, for sure. I agree with watching bridal shows and reading magazines and surfing TK to see what you like -- however, beware of overwhelming yourself and looking at too much! I did that and ended up having no idea what I actually wanted because I liked so many different things (it literally changed day-to-day). And once you find your dress, STOP LOOKING.

  • alm&mdmalm&mdm member
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    Def look at bridal mags and window shop around online. I looked on Pinterest a lot when I started and found a designer I kept being drawn to, which helped a lot. 

     Also think about your wedding itself. Is it super intimate or very formal? You might not want a huge ball gown for a beach wedding. You might want something more light and airy if its an outdoor summer wedding. 

     Finally, go try dresses on. You can see what styles look like on your body and the consultant will help guide you. I went shopping set on a specific dress and while it was beautiful, my consultant pulled my dress out and it was magic. I'm so grateful she knew to try that dress.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    When you do find that dream dress and purchase it, STOP LOOKING AT DRESSES!! This is the mistake that some brides make. They buy a dress but continue to look and then they get confused and unsure. I compare it to your SO. Your SO proposed and you said yes, but it isn't like you then continued to look for a better option, right?  Same with dresses. There will always be prettier dresses out there but there is only one dress that is right for you just like there is only one person who is right for you.

    Also, I believe that having two dresses is just dumb.  A wedding dress costs a lot so it, to me, seems like a huge waste of money to buy a dress only to wear it for maybe 2 hours.  Also if you find the right dress you will never want to take it off.

  • I would go to TK's wedding dress section and start flagging you favorites. Figure out aspects you like about each. Look at the ones you picked as a whole - did you always pick ones with a belt? With sleeves? Lace? Silk? Beading? A-line? Trumpet? Did all the ones you like have a train? Keep these things in mind for when you go shopping.

    Then go try stuff on. The consultant will ask you what you're looking for and your budget. Ditto Maggie - once you find your dress, don't look at other dresses.

  • I agree with what everyone else already said. It can be very overwhelming looking for THE dress. Definitely look at different styles that are out there and figure out what you like and what style would flatter you most. I had a handful of pictures of dresses that I loved when I went to try on dresses for the first time. Unfortunately in my case, what I liked on the picture didn't end up looking the best on me. I ended up with a style I didn't think would flatter me at all, but when I put on the dress I ended up purchasing, I actually cried lol. I purchased it without any hesitations and stopped looking around. Yes, there is definitely a prettier, grander, you name it dress out there, but you have to stop looking once you find the one you absolutely love and can't picture yourself without on your wedding day. I also wouldn't change dresses. I paid enough for 1 and I love it enough not to watch to switch into another dress. What's the point? Good luck in your search!
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  • I wanted to chime in on the 2 dresses. Just find one beautiful dress for the wedding. If you are worried about one dress, why stress over 2? Plus with as much money as a dress costs, why spend all that to just wear one during the short ceremony? 

    I'm rocking my dress during the daytime photos, our ceremony and our reception. I'm not going to even consider changing until our after party which starts at like 12:30 and is at a bar. Though I may end up staying in my ball gown lol
  • nalex420 said:
    Lauracutter is right....start watching bridal shows....I was watching say yes to the dress 3 years ago and saw a lazaro 3018 I fell in love....push ahead to June 2012 tried it on and it was my dream dress...I'm wearing one dress because once it was on I could not imagine taking it off Good luck
    my dream lazaro dress is way way way out of budget so I have made my mind not to try it on even if I have the money myself to pay for it outside of the wedding budget its Lazaro 3955 and it made me cry but I am hoping I find something as mindblowingly beautiful as that dress

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