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Registry Essentials?

I read somewhere that you should plan to register for one gift for every two guests (not sure who makes these rules...?) since you should assume many guests will be couples or families. We are having a wedding of 50-60 people (many which ARE couples and families). Not that I am going to stick hard and fast to this rule because I believe giving guests options is really important. But I also don't want to register for 500 items with a guest list of 50. However my fiancee and I will be starting with very little after we get married.

So all that to say is...what are a few ESSENTIAL items I should register for?

Re: Registry Essentials?

  • there is a post at the top of this board "ultimate wedding registry checklist". There are many, many suggestions there.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    What's essential for one is not necessarily essential for another. What do YOU need and want most?
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  • I agree with AddleL73, but also suggest that you meet with the registry coordinator at your local department store.  Macy's has people who just do this as a job and they are very expert at getting to the core of things.  They also keep the groom entertained with a zap gun that he can walk around with and add things to the registry (that you can edit later) but the men all seem to get into it when an electronic toy is involved.  Go figure.
  • I don't know your exact circumstances, but if you're starting off with very little I would suggest registering for good quality everyday dishes, flatware, towels, a couple sets of sheets and several saucepans and frying pans. Also, (if you will have room in your home) try and pick a few items like a frame for your wedding photos or a nice pitcher since some guests really like to give things like that.
  • First of all, the "suggestions" of how much to register for really isn't applicable to everybody.  I had one shower, but H and I are in a big circle of gift givers.  So we had to do more than one gift for every two people.  We invited 300 and probably registered for 300 things.  We got most of it.  A lot of people bought things in pairs.

    I think it's important to do a few things - first, focus on things you really do need.  If your dishes are mismatched, or your towels have bleach spots, or your sheets are scratchy - these are all things to prioritize.  If that fills out your registry for the number of guests you have, then stop.  You really don't want to be returning a vegetable steamer and meat grinder to get towels.

    But if you have a large guest list, or you are in a circle of primarily boxed-gift givers, then you can probably keep going from the basics.  H and I really value our knives, our nice wine glasses, and our 4-slice toaster.  I also love love love our vacuum cleaner (a shark) and our new iron (a rowenta).  H and I also like to entertain so I spent a long looooong time registering for nice everyday dinnerware and china with extra serving pieces that can be used with both patterns.  We got pretty much all of that as well, and it's so nice to FINALLY have a salad bowl in the right size.  And a platter in the right shape for pretty much anything we're serving.  And pitchers?  Yes, we get a couple of those.  An egg plate?  Yep.  

    But these things I listed above are not really necessities if your guestlist is small and you're really starting from scratch.  But towels that you aren't embarrassed to let guests use?  Yeah, those are pretty "essential."
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  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH
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    This is one of the few times in your life that you can create a wish list that no one side-eyes.

    Since you are only inviting about 50-60 people to your wedding I wouldn't go crazy, but at the same time I would make sure you put some "wants" in there as well as "needs.

    Be sure to account for any showers that will be thrown in your honor, some people will go off registry, some people won't, but usually guests will draw from your registry for showers and the wedding present.

    Some people like to give practical things (towels) and some people like to do something that will be used for years to come (china or pretty serving platters), so I would recommend having a variety of items at a variety of price points.

    I also told my family (including future inlaws) that my registry was fair game for Christmas and my birthday. 

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