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I never thought that choosing the cake would be so difficult. What is the best cake in the New Orleans area? I'm looking for both impeccable taste and artistry. 


  • We used Royal Cakery. From what I've heard you can get less expensive cake, but I disn't care. (RC isn't outrageously priced, just not the cheapest) Our cake was absolutely delicious. We froze the top layer and when we had it on our first anniversary it was just as incredible.
  • I still love Flour Power Confectionery.  I buy a cake every time I go home to visit.  They will definitely work on you with your budget, have great flavors and the designs are beautiful.
  • Royal cakery!
  • I love Flour Power. The taste of the cakes we chose were wonderful & guests complimented us for weeks after. Also they did a very good job of making my Fiance's Cigar Box. So many people didn't even realize it was a red velvet cake, LOL. The artistry is definitely there.

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    We tasted a lot of cakes and ended up with Sucre - it was not the cheapest, but it was the most delicious cake we tasted and their wedding cake person, Mandy, was great.  We didn't have a specific idea of what we wanted our cake to look like but after a few minutes of talking to us, she showed us a similar design that wasn't even in their book of samples and then sketched something specific for us that was perfect.
  • bitter sweet confections!
  • Ladies what flavors were your cakes? We are OOT and we travelled to choose our venue and do cake tasting and the almond cake seemed to be the one everyone pushed on us. It wasn't flavorful enough. We weren't pleased with the places went.
  • Almond is the standard wedding cake flavor in New Orleans. Where did you go for a tasting? My favorites were the royal cakery and la louisiane .
  • @jewban we went to Haydel's and Swiss. Thank you, now I understand! I assumed the "expensive" places were ridiculously priced until I came back home and looked into the prices. They're not that bad.
  • Cocoa Bean Bakery in Hammond is AMAZING and he delivers to New Orleans.


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  • Cake Cafe was fantastic and reasonable.  We got the red velvet and people told us the cake was lifechanging (not kidding!)
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  • We thought we wanted traditional almond and instead ended up surprising ourselves with chocolate/chocolate and lemon/orange buttercream. 
  • We used Ambrosia Bakery out of Baton Rouge.  Flawlessly beautiful and absolutely delicious.
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