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Affordable Flowers / Hair & Makeup / Cake. NEED HELP...out of State Bride!! :)

I live in Michigan and am planning a wedding in AZ (my fiance is from there).  Since I am not from the area I have no idea where to find affordable/reliable vendors.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I am looking to see if anyone has any recommendations on good Florists, Hair/Makeup and cake vendors.  Appreciate any suggestions :)

Re: Affordable Flowers / Hair &amp; Makeup / Cake. NEED HELP...out of State Bride!! :)

  • @cortz0026 - Where in Arizona?  When is your wedding? I'm in the Phoenix area and I'm happy to share/help if I can. 
  • Hi Gisellerina,

    Thanks so much for that!! Its so hard when you don't know anything in the state you are planning LOL

    The weddiing is going to be in the Phoenix area. I need to find cheap flowers, cake, hair/makeup and maybe a photographer. I am just not sure what places are cheap yet reputable and reliable :)

    Any assistane would be greatly appreicated!!  We are getting married quick - in November. His father hs some health issues so we want to ensure everyone can be there to celebrate with us.

  • I live in phx and I recently got married.. I don't know if its much help but I can list what vendors I used.. I got lucky because they were all amazing and I had no problems with them..For flowers I used " Rita's floral design", cake I used "Bamboo Bakery", hair & makeup " Jaime Bravo".. You can look up their website online or on here and look at pics and reviews. Hope that helps :-)
  • @cortz0026 - we're in a similar situation - moved everything up from October 2014 to June 2013 due to a family member's ill health - I can't imagine how hard your planning must be from far away. 

    "Cheap" is all relative - people around here have used that to describe weddings with $500 - $30,000 budgets!  But, I'll do my best to provide information!

    For flowers, I'm using Cactus Flowers - I told Corrina what kind of flowers and greenery I wanted and how much I wanted to spend, she then gave me a design estimate of what she could do.  Their prices seem to be average for the Phoenix area - not the cheapest, but not the most expensive.  Saturday I'll find out just how reliable they are!  I've heard good things about Rita's as mentioned by valenetoro.  Conroy's Wholesale Florist might be another one you want to check into - especially if you're on a very tight budget.

    I was looking at Classic Cakes and Confections for the cake, but decided to use my venue's baker instead - it's going to be 117 degrees here this Saturday - I'm so glad my cake will be baked and decorated onsite, so I don't have to worry about it melting into a cakewreck!  Let Them Eat Cake is also a really good bakery here.

    For hair, I'm going to my regular salon - Sachi in Scottsdale - they are definitely not cheap, but to me, absolutely worth the price.  I don't have any recommendations for make-up - I'm doing my own since I haven't found anyone I liked!

    A friend with a very limited wedding budget used Photography by Leanna - she was really happy with her service and photos.  I was going to use Duke Photography - not sure what their prices would have been like.  (An out of state friend who is a photographer ended up being available to fly out here!)

  • Valenetoro,

    Thank you so much for the ideas. I will definitely look into those. Who did you use for your photographer?

  • Hi Gisellerina,

    Thank you sooo much for the suggestions. I am sorry to hear about your family member :(  I am assuming by your post that your wedding is today...CONGRATS and hope it turns out FANTASTIC!!

  • I have a photographer who is wonderful.
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  • Sorry hit reply too fast. Look up lynn marie photography on facebook. http://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=226377624174473
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  • TOO FUNNY!! I am from Michigan too and I am planning my wedding in AZ too! You are asking all the same questions I have! :) Best of luck!!
  • RedSoxgrl22 when is your wedding? I'll let you know who I end up going with.

  • @cortz0026.. I used David de dios photography.. I loved his artistic look on photographs.. He was great, funny and fun to work with.. We haven't received our pro pics back yet but I will update once I receive them.
  • @Cortz0026, it's planned for May 17th of next year! Best of luck to you and Congrats!! :)
  • Hi Redsoxgrl22....I am moving along with my plans and things are going pretty smoothly so far. If you want to keep in touch via e-mail feel free to reach out and I can let you know who I end up going with and what I thought of everything. My e-mail is [email protected]


    Best of luck to you!!


    Thanks to everyone who offered such great suggestions!!!

  • Just a suggestion for hair/makeup- I went to Dolce and they did a fantastic job... I purchased their version of a 'gift card' (kinda) called hunnies, which I was able to pay 50 for 100- they often do this promotion. Cut my hair and makeup costs in half for the entire bridal party!

    Cake- I'd highly recommend Piece of Cake... just delicious and Jeanna from How Appropriate went above and beyond as my florist. 
  • I ended up having my wedding at Regale at DC Ranch. It was AMAZING. the venue was really nice and affordable. They work direclty with certain vendors  that are included in your package. It made planning a breeze! I loved everyone that they worked with...Photographer, Caterer and DJ were the best!!!  Considering I was having an out of state wedding....this couldn't have been a better option!!


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