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4th of july wedding

Has anyone had a fourth of july wedding or having one this summer? my fiancé and I were considering july 4,2015 so just wondering if prices for venues or anything else were more expensive or cheaper or about the same? thanks!

Re: 4th of july wedding

  • You might be able to get some information in the wedding date based forums.  If you click on Community, then select the "Wedding Month" tab, you could go ask some of the July 2013 and July 2014 brides what they found out!

  • Where we are, prices sky rocket for holiday weddings.  You have to consider that most staff is paid time and a half to work big holidays.  Not to mention, there are usually all sorts of parties and events.  Caterers and rental companies are booked well in advance.  I'd really reconsider. 
  • I'm really not a fan of holiday weddings. They are more expensive for everyone - you to pay vendors, and your guests to get flights/hotels. Also, I view holidays as going home to visit with family/close friends time, not to go to weddings. Unless your wedding was in my hometown, I'd be declining. I think you'd get a lower attendance than if you just pick any other weekend out of the summer. 
  • I'm not a fan of holiday weddings. We actually thought about July 4th or 5th 2014, but decided against it b/c we are in DC and DC is a mess that weekend. We ended up with the weekend before (after one date change due to a conflict with a friends wedding), and it's actually amazing since the flights and hotels are so low b/c no one comes to DC the weekend BEFORE July 4th.
  • WeeshWeesh NY
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    We are getting married on July 4, 2014 in NY.  We were given the same price as any other Friday evening, but we booked 15 months out.  None of our vendors are more expensive due to the date, but we picked an all inclusive venue, so we don't have to worry about things like caterers, the cake, etc. 

    I checked with my VIPs and they were all happy with the date.  No one in my family usually has plans or goes away.  The date has a sentimental meaning for my fiance and I, as it's the day we met and our favorite holiday.  

    You might get lucky, depending on when you book.  I'd poll your VIP's and possibly be prepared for a higher decline rate.  We realize that people might have plans and totally understand that.  Good luck!
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  • Travel and hotels are more expensive during the holidays so I would not attend if I had to fly or stay in a hotel.  TBH - I have standing 4th of July plans, I go camping with my DD's and grandkids.  One of my sisters always vacays that week with family, and on my DH's side, 2 of his brothers always vacay that week too.  In our family, no one is going to change their standing plans for a wedding.

    You just really have to ask your VIPs for brutal honest about whether or not they will attend.  Ask for REAL brutal honesty and to not blow smoke up your back end.  Then you can decide if it is really worth it.  

    I would most likely attend a wedding on Memorial Day or Labor Day if it is local and I don't have to pay extra for air/hotel.  4th of July would never happen.
  • Hotels have events then so book your room blocks way early!
  • WeeshWeesh NY
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    Anaelsea said:
    Hotels have events then so book your room blocks way early!
    That may be true in some places, but for other hotels, they are almost empty during that time.  The only reason I had trouble getting a block in one place was because they already had two weddings booked, and they were a package deal with the venue.  The price was still a little high, but the rooms were available.
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