Winter Wedding: Weather Worries


So I have my wedding date set for January 10th, 2015. I was so excited about having a winter themed wedding and getting a discount because it's off-season that I totally forgot about the possibility of bad weather. I'm not expecting anybody to really give me an answer to this but does anybody know what the weather was like in January in the past? I'm so nervous now, I have a couple people coming from out of town. I'm in the Philadelphia area if that helps.


Re: Winter Wedding: Weather Worries

  • my wedding is this January. our family was worried about that. but you have to take a chance. people are taking a chance by having their wedding in September because it s hurricane season or you could have a nasty thunderstorm and the lights could go out. the weather is very unpredictable. look last year it snowed in October
  • Of course you're never going to be able to tell.  In the past we have had bad snow in the beginning of Jan, my birthday plans have been ruined in the past due to snow storms (Jan 2nd).  Don't worry about it now though there is nothing you can do if it happens, it happens.  I would buy the wedding insurance as a piece of mind but dont let it ruin the planning process.

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