Having my wedding at North Park's Lodge in October - I need advice!

So I have a few questions for anyone who has either had their wedding at the lodge at North Park, is planning a wedding there, or has been to a wedding there! We're having both the ceremony and the reception there and are expecting about 90-105 guests. We're planning on having a buffet-type food set-up downstairs next to the kitchen and bar, but other than that I have NO idea where to do what!

For your wedding or the wedding you've been to at the lodge, where was the ceremony held? Where were the dinner tables set up? Where did the dancing happen?

Any kind of help would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm a little under 2 months away and starting to freak out a little bit!

Re: Having my wedding at North Park's Lodge in October - I need advice!

  • I attended a reception there (no ceremony) a few years ago, and they had the food and booze set up to the right when you first walk in. If I recall, that space is sort of blocked out by the support beams in the building. The tables were set up in the middle, and the dancing was to the left of the tables, at the opposite end of the lodge.
  • That's how I envision mine there in April.  Do you remember how many tables fit into the main room?
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