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Bridesmaids gifts that don't suck

So, I got my girls each some cute tote bags with their names on it (btw, cyber monday - got HUGE savings buying them) - anyways, I was thinking of putting some 'essential' cute survival things for the day of the wedding in each..some makeup stuff, cheap flats, hairspray etc..things like that. I do want to get them their jewelry...but each girl picked out a different style dress...so I will have to accommodate that...I guess etsy is the best place for the jewelry. Any other good ideas for BM gifts?! What did you get that you remember and really liked?

Re: Bridesmaids gifts that don't suck

  • @CGrant3

    I am going to end up also giving them (among other things like you suggested) gift cards to places they like. One girl is getting a gift card to her favorite restaurant that she doesn't go to very often because it can be pricey. Her gift card is an amount that I am sure will cover all (or at least most) of a dinner there with her and her husband. Another girl is getting a gift card to her favorite clothing store. She has 5 kids so she doesn't get much money left over at the end of the month to buy something for herself. Etc etc. (I have 3 more girls so I am not going to put everything down on here lol)
  • Get them something they each would like personally - not something for your wedding day. They should be able to wear their own make-up and have their own flats. Get the wine lover a bottle of wine, get the book lover a gift card to amazon, etc.
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