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Is a big group for a Vegas bachelorette party ok?

My bachelorette party will be in Vegas. If I invite all of the girls I'm inviting to the wedding (don't want anyone excluded and they're all friends so it'd be fun), it comes out to 23 people. I doubt they'll ALL show but if most of them do, does that spell disaster? My BMs are trying to convince me to cut the list in half but I know people will be upset. Has anyone planned/attended a Vegas bachelorette with a group of 20ish and have suggestions one way or another? (And yes I know I shouldn't be thinking about people being upset since it's my party but I can't help it.)

Re: Is a big group for a Vegas bachelorette party ok?

  • This kind of falls on whoever is planning the party (shouldn't be you). 

    The thought of a 20 person bachelorette party in Vegas has the potential to be totally awesome or a complete disaster... If you do it, I think planning a few group events and expecting everyone to do their own thing outside of that is the way to go. If I were a friend planning this for a bride, I'd basically do it this way:

    "we'll be in Vegas Thursday - Monday and staying at _____ (hotel). Thursday night, we'll be meeting down at the ____ (hotel bar) at 9pm and going to ____ (some place). Friday night, we'll have dinner at ____ at 7pm and then go out to ______. Since we'll need reservations, let me know by _______ (date) if you want to come to dinner on Friday. Saturday, we're getting a limo and cruising the strip. Meet down in the hotel lobby at 8:30. I'm paying for the limo, but everything else is on your own. The rest of the time, everyone will be on their own to do whatever they want. ____ (bride's name) wants to spend most of her time down by the hotel pool so that's where we'll be most of the time during the day. If you need help booking anything, let me know."

  • I agree with PP. You need a "master of ceremon" who will coordinate basic schedule that gets everyone together but a plan that leaves people the chance to go explore on their own or lounge by the pool. You don't want things so planned that you are always on the go & watching the clock.

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