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"Bridealicious Boot Camp"

Has anyone tried these videos? I just ordered the series and have done a couple workouts - so far so good!! The ones I have done are also only ~30 minutes which is great!! Any good success stories?? 

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  • i just ordered mine and began the dvds last week! i feel sore and i love the fact that they aren't too long.
    i feel muscles working all over, head to toe!!!
    i just find that i still lack motivation to do it on a daily basis :\
    wedding is in 123 days and i need to hurry up...i wish that the boot camp dvd had a zapper to zap some energy into us too lol

    good luck, i believe that with continuous exercise that these dvds will work and show great results!!! we just gotta hang in there!! like he says "if the dress don't fit, it means you quit!" yikes lol

  • My wedding is in June - so I am in the 6 month crunch!  My dress came in but I haven't tried it on yet!!! 
    I do like the fact that I am constantly reminded "why" I am working out!!  That seems to help!! haha...

    Good luck!!! Hope you have success!! 
  • I have been doing it for 3 weeks and I enjoy it. 
    When I have no desire to work out I look at the pictures I have taken in some of the wedding dresses I tried on and all of the sudden I want to work out.

    Good luck!
  • I'm on week 10 of the series, and I've seen great results all over. The most noticeable difference (to me) is in my arms and stomach, however my fiance has noticed that my jeans are now baggy and no longer fitted! I'm 9 weeks away from my wedding, so I'm hoping to stay motivated to finish out the series and then to continue using the DVDs up until the wedding (and after!). The hardest part for me was getting into the workout routine since I haven't had one in a very long time. Doug keeps you motivated during the workouts and you always feel great afterwards. I love that there are 3 Bride Guides to show you the different levels of each workout, this really helps to keep me motivated as well. I started out easing into the program w/ much smaller weights than the recommended 6 lbs, but quickly worked up to it.  

    Good luck!
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  • @Coalette2013 - That's great!!! Congrats on your success!!!! How did you rotate through the videos? I am on like week 3 (I think) - I tend to go 1,3,2,4 using them every other day with cardio on the opposite days. 
  • I just ordered the DVD, but when I try to download the e-books it jut keeps reloading the page!  Anybody else have problems like this? Is there somewhere else to get the e-books tha accompany the DVDs??
  • I have been doing the dvds and eating well for 1 WEEK and have lost 2 lbs. @Carolina just had the same l problem. You can ask Doug Rice Fitness on FB... link if you find a solution. Until then I will continue to pair the DVD with the lose it app.
  • I had that problem too, I think it might be the browser you use.  I was using Chrome and it wouldn't work, but when I tried it on Firefox, it downloaded on the first try.
  • @starlet514 - Thanks! I've followed the calendar that was provided with the eBooks. It's nice to have a schedule to keep me on track. The later videos are much shorter, which is nice too! Still a great work out even with the shorter time.
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  • There's a calendar?!?!?!?!  I will have to check that out!! Thanks!!
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