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Let the Christmas mayhem begin!  Who's done working after today?  Who hasn't started shopping? What's up for the weekend?

I'm still down 4 gifts.  3 totaled $3 and were coming from China.  If they don't get here in time they'll still make a nice rainy day surprise.  The other one is a gift for DH.  The only issue is it was $20.  I've emailed them 3 times with no response.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow I'll open a cc dispute.

I busted ass yesterday getting the house cleaned and food bought for BIL and family to visit tonight.  In true BIL fashion they canceled  So anyone want to come over for pizza, salad, and brownie sundaes?  I get that SIL got called in to work and if it was a one off I wouldn't be annoyed, but when you have a history...well, people start to not care about your schedule.  Especially when last time she got drunk instead of working and was so hung over she came 2 hrs late and had her husband lying to everyone.  Then couldn't go to the other house because she didn't want to "deal with the crazy" (The legit crazy SIL). 

Tomorrow we rearrange the van seats and head to the ILs for present gluttony.  6let is getting one of those power wheels ride on things, M2 a big dollhouse, and Max some sort of ride on.  Plus who knows what else.

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    The only day we get off is Christmas day :/. Husband's family has still been pestering us about driving to his hometown over an hour away THREE TIMES to celebrate Christmas though -- Christmas day, the 26th and the 28th. Why can't they just combine things?? They all live within fifteen minutes of each other!!

    I'm just in a generally foul mood and am looking forward to the weekend. People are real asses leading up to the holidays and I'm sick of it. Also, if I have to listen to my coworker's Michael Buble Christmas album at 6:40 in the morning again, I'm gonna have to start considering the ramifications I'd deal with if I grabbed her phone and chucked it into a wall.

  • I just made an online order that has 2 day shipping.  I think it's coming from somewhere local, so hopefully it will get here in time.  DH and I are supposed to do a mad-dash tonight and get our shopping finished.  And then it will be wrapping, wrapping, and wrapping some more for me. 

    No idea what we're doing this weekend besides getting new tires for the Acadia and it needs an oil change too.  I'm not even sure if DH has to work Monday or not.  

    And my mom is still trying to guilt talk me into going to Chicago for my extended family Christmas on Thursday. 
  • No way to 3 drives in one weekend.  NO WAY.  We're doing it all in one weekend with the ILs and my family after New Year's.

    @mrs.conn- I hope your shipping karma is better than mine.  My "2 day overnight UPS" $15.95 shipping took 8 days and came in the mail.

  • @thejucheidea, you and I can sit in solidarity against holiday driving.  There's drinks in this corner too.  ;) 
  • Ew @ holiday driving.

    Yeah, I'm ready to be done with work. Just got dinged for some work-related sloppiness and other issues with a new client. Going to be feeling the repercussions of that for months, now matter how my supervisor tries to downplay it. And the annual performance eval form just got posted that I need to get done before I leave town. Great, kick a girl while she's down. And NYear always invites more introspection than desired :(

    Aaaaand the monthly birthday "celebration" at work is today, of which I'm one of the Dec birthdays. Same folks and YET another white elephant/dirty
    Santa....I'm already getting snowed under with too many people of which "should" be getting presents. Debating whether I even show up or not or just claim "too busy"

    I'm whiny :(.
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  • VarunaTT said:

    Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary

    Happy anni!! :)
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  • Happy Anniversary, @VarunaTT.  10 years is nothing to sneeze at. :)

    Today is our holiday party.  H drove me to work, because it's super icy out AND if I drink he will drive me home.  Sometimes he really is great (okay, more than not). 

    I'm sitting here at work, counting down hours trying to stay on task, and failing miserably. 

    It's literally sleeting again outside, and things are covered in a sheet of ice.

    I still have to buy for my family, a few gift cards, some car mats and I am done. 
  • Happy anniversary, @varunatt!

  • Thanks guys.  We've had a rough few years here professionally and it's been trying on us personally and on our relationship.  But, we were talking last night and we feel like we're finally back on the right track, pointed into the right direction, professionally and together.  Which is nice.
  • @Varunatt- happy anniversary!!!  Ten years is awesome.
  • Happy anniversary, V! Glad you guys are headed in the right direction. I hope you're doing something special to celebrate this weekend.

    Christmas shopping is about 60% done. After A wakes up, I have to drive about 25 minutes north to TRU to get a toy for A that I had been postponing ordering from Amazon and now I'm kicking myself because I have to haul that big sucker on the plane to PA. Amazing.

    I also have packing to do, which involves laundry and a dry cleaners run. So not excited. But I do have a hair appt tomorrow, and it's our favorite park's "Snow Day", so I'm looking forward to those 2 things. Then it's wheels up for a ridiculously early flight on Sunday AM and Christmas in PA.
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