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After Party?

Is anyone planning on having, or did anyone have, an after party when their reception is over? The Cape seems like sort of a tough spot for that, given that things close down so early and there really isn't a lot around.

Re: After Party?

  • My brother had an after party for his evening wedding at a local bar.  After my lunch time wedding there was a reported after party at a hotel that had a bar and a pool where some my husbands family stayed.
  • Each town on the Cape has different options - but most of the time you need to get a little creative - where are you having your reception? Where are the majority of guests going to be staying?

  • I am also looking for the same!  I will follow this post for ideas too! :)
  • I am also looking for the same!  I will follow this post for ideas too! :)
  • Where are you getting married / having guests stay? I am local to Cape Cod and will try to give suggestions if you can narrow down a part of the cape.

    Thanks :)
  • Thanks, ccgreekwed! I'm getting married at the Sea View in Dennisport.. the closest thing seems to be the Ocean House, which I love, and where I'll probably do the rehearsal dinner, but I think it closes fairly early.
  • Hi Jenny! What time of year are you getting married? Are you getting transportation? (If not I would totally recommend it for at least the after-party) There are a couple of great seasonal bars around the Dennis Area - beautiful spots too - with views of the Bass River.

    I work in Yarmouth by the Bass River and was looking into the Lighthouse Inn for our reception. If we had gone that route we were going to have a bus that brought people to either The Summer Shanty on Bass River Marina or Sun Dancers (also on Bass River). Both offer light snacks - entertainment (in-season) and great libations - hahaha I've always wanted to use that word!

    Good Luck! HTH!
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