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March Wedding...Need Shoe Help!!!

We all know how the weather can be in March her in Cleveland, so I know you're thinking why are you getting why would you get married in March, we have our reason, ANNNYYYYWWWWHHHHOOOOOO I have no idea what type of shoes to wear, I am a shoe lover!!!!!! so I can find some beautiful ones without a problem...although my fiancé is just about 2 inches taller and I don't want him to look short....I also don't want too much of a heel so my dress doesn't need to be hemmed ...maybe i'm just too picky.....but if you can please help!!!!! any suggestions would be lovely!!!!!!

thank you!!!!!!!!

Re: March Wedding...Need Shoe Help!!!

  • Have you tried looking at flats? If you don't want your dress hemmed and worried about being too tall I would go that route. 

  • Try DSW or even Payless. I would say avoid typical bridal shoes. I made the mistake of spending too much money on a pair of satin off white bridal shoes (two inches because I was in same situation with you with height) and now I'll never wear them again. I even tried selling them on e-bay with no luck. I say find some shoes you like, in the right heel, maybe even a simple pump and then go on etsy, I've seen some really nice shoe clips that you could add then to the shoes for your big day to bling them up, but then you can take them off and wear the shoes again. Good Luck!!!
  • Oh yeah, maybe have a pair of winter boots on standby in case you need to go thru slush to get into your venues.
  • I have a cousin who is getting married in January in Erie, PA.  She plans on wearing Ugg Boots with her dress.  :/
  • I found a pair of flats at for my March (Ohio) wedding. I plan of having "outdoor" shoes though just in case...
  • I wore Tom's for my late November wedding. They were super comfortable and I didn't tower over my same-height husband. It was snowing during our outdoor pictures and I just didn't walk onto any grass because I didn't want to get them wet.
  • If you are looking for something that isn't a "bridal shoe" - try piperlime.com or zappos.com.  You can put in heel height, color, price, and a bunch of other characteristics and it will narrow down thousands of shoes into the characteristics you set - and there are free returns if they don't fit (or you hate them).

    I wanted something comfortable and something I love for my wedding day, but couldn't justify spending around $100 for something i'll never wear again.  I was able to find a shoe that fit the description easily on zappos. 
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