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Has anyone worked with this photographer in the past or currently?  She photographed by wedding in May and I'm still waiting for pictures.  I keep getting deadlines for when I will receive my pics and the deadline comes and goes with no photos.  Have been trying to get in touch with her but have gotten no response.  Getting really worried that I'm in for a long wait or fight to get my pics.

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  • Wow, I would say that 4-5 months is a bit extreme.  I thought ours took long, and it was about a 2 month wait.  Does she have anything on her contract about the length of time that it will take to receive the photos?  
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  • Her website says she is a member of the outer banks wedding association, but she isn't listed as a member on their site. She also says she is a best of the knot but she isn't listed on the knot. How did you find this woman? Has she at least responded to your calls or emails?
  • Try this: It looks like she has had complaints butnthatbshe dealt with them when the BBB was involved.
  • I did a Knot search on the boards for her, and came across the post from back in April when another bride posted that the same thing happened to her.. I think I saw that you had posted on that post as well... I'm sure its very disappointing that this happened to you as well, I hope it works out, and hopefully people will stop using her services!
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  • She was a member of the OBX wedding assoc. when I hired her, that is how I found her actually.  She also had only good reviews (mostly on wedding wire) when I hired her.  As my wedding grew closer, negative stuff started to pop up but I had already signed contract and paid.  Unfortunately, the contract does not specify length of time for delivery...although I have multiple emails saying 8-12 weeks.  It is now approaching 5 months.  I got in touch with her after multiple emails and a phone call (after I threatened to contact the BBB) and she told me she is very behind on her photos and has hired a freelancer to assist but I still don't have an estimate of when I will receive my photos.  She told me she would let me know a realistic estimate asap but I haven't heard anything yet.  I just feel so frustrated because there isn't that much I can do.  She assures me she is working on my photos but I haven't seen anything since June when she gave me 30 pics as a preview. 
  • My wedding was also in May and I have been dealing with the same situation. Everything you wrote also happened and is still happening to me. I will be contacting the BBB and my attorney tomorrow. Obviously that is all that will get a result from her. Other brides need to be very wary of using Rachael Hyde.
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    I am so sorry that happened to you...I was wondering if other brides were having the same issue.  I finally got some of my photos in November, after sending her many nasty emails and threatening to take action.  We probably got about 400 photos or so.....she claims we will be getting more but hasn't told us when.  She said she would get back in touch with me regarding a deadline and I've heard nothing.  Will probably start the process of emailing her repeatedly without getting any reply back after the holidays....not to mention she also owes us our prints and the flashdrive with our images.  Hope it works out for you.
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