in search still for a photographer

i am still in search for a photographer my budget is 1300 tops i am coming down to crunch time for my june wedding any one know anyone whos in that price range i called a few places but no one got back to me 

Re: in search still for a photographer

  • What are you looking for in that price range (# of hours of coverage, how many shooters, albums or no albums)?  That might help me narrow down suggestions. 

    Alyse Nicole has a package for 6 hours, 2 photographers, an engagement shoot and more for $1295 (I believe she also gives $50 off if you like her Facebook page and after taxes that would bring you to $1324).  I haven't met with her yet or viewed albums from her yet. She has another package for $1550 that is an all-day package.  or

    Another photographer I have worked with (but can't speak for her wedding photography pricing) is Photography by Jennifer Lynn  

    Also, Tracy Harvey Photography has a package for $1100 that includes all day coverage, everything on a CD, and an engagement session

    Other than Jennifer Lynn, I have not personally seen these photographer's work other than what's on the website, and I don't have any firsthand reviews of their work. I did have better luck e-mailing photographers or using the contact form if there was one on the website than calling- responses were quicker that way.  GL!
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    i need all day coverage starting from my house , church which is literaly right now the street from where i live, the park also within walking distance from my house and church, and then the reception venue which is 15 minutes away. 1 shooter, cd and album.

    also i live in central ct nb area so that would also help in terms of finding people close by or somewhat close by not looking for someone who is supper far and needs to travel far away 
  • I found an inexpensive videographer on by starting on the last page and working my way forward. Many photographers and videographers only have one or two recommendations, but are still talented. Many are just starting out and hungry for business.  If you look at everyone's website, you may be able to find someone whose work you like and they are willing to work with you on price. I know this isn't specific, but hopefully it helps!
  • All of the photographers I listed are fairly local (Alyse is in Southbury and travels 1 hour at no charge, Jennifer is in Middletown, and I'm not sure where Tracy is but she didn't mention a travel fee to go anywhere in CT). 

    Albums might be tough in that price range.  Tracy's next package up includes an album and print credit but that's $700 more so $1800.  It might help to e-mail photographers and let them know that your budget is $1300, and that you want all day coverage, a cd, and an album- they might be willing to cut something out of the package and include an album instead. It's free to ask, and the worst they can do is say no. 

    This spreadsheet (put together by a knottie) might help.  Some of the pricing isn't the most accurate or what I received when I contacted these photographers but it's a good starting point.
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  • I am in the same situation. I can't believe how much photographers cost. I would also want all day coverage. I have looked at few but that were $3000. I will be looking up Nicole, Lynn, and Tracy. 
  • I used Image in that studios. Mike did an amazing job and his prices are within your budget. I would recommend him to anyone! Here is his website:

  • Having the album included might be tough in that price range. If you get a CD with rights, you can make your own album. (I'm actually working on mine right now, using milkbooks and they often have 25-30% sales.) Also, our photographer told us that often times a couple will wait a year or so on the album because it's so pricey, so maybe you can delay the album and make it when you are able to save up for it. 

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  • Try 21summit Studios ( My friend was on a tight budget and they were amazing at working with her and being so flexible to fit her needs and budget. Some of the cheaper photographers she looked at were not great quality, but these photographers are so talented and her photos were incredible! Good luck, hope this will help :)
  • You should check out Truth Be Told Photography!/Pricing

    While she isn't in Central CT, she will do photos there, it just might be a bit of an additional cost.
  • thanks i am still looking i want someone local to ct so i dont have to pay a ton of extra costs i did find a few and i have  yet to contact them
  • so i found a photographer and we are meeting with him on friday evening worner bros photography and video aka ctweddingvideo,com hes out of bristol and his work looks great  and hes totally within my budget. 

    i showed my dad his portfolio ( my dad used to do wedding photography back in the mid 80s-90s) and he said work was amazing, turns out my dad knows the previous owner of the place that does the video.

    one more thing to check off my list
  • so we booked with him last night he was very nice and had amazing photos if you have a really low wedding budget check him out he does video and photos a few different packages to choose from.
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