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bachelorette party girls night in...house/slumber party

hi girls I am throwing a bachelorette party for my friend...she would like to have a house party instead of your typical going out....she still likes to dance so i was thinking about still getting a dj who also does karaoke...i didnt know if anyone had any other ideas...i saw alot about a "slumber party" which would be fun too thanks for all your help and good luck on all your wedding days!!!!

Re: bachelorette party girls night in...house/slumber party

  • I think a DJ in a small group of friends at a house would be super awkward (and needlessly expensive), sorry. 

    Adult slumber parties can be a lot of fun for b-parties (and they aren't too expensive). Get food, old-school games, booze if you want it, DIY spa stuff, stupid movies, and have a blast. You can DJ for yourselves. 

    What about doing a dancing class or renting a karaoke machine for just yourselves?  
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    I agree that a DJ would be excessive unless you plan on inviting like 100 people to the bachelorette party.

    Play cards against humanity, charades or pictionary.  Let the booze flow if you want and stock up on junk food (chips, cookies, pizza, ice cream, etc).  Watch silly wedding movies, give facials and manicures, etc.

  • I agree with PPs on the DJ. Take the money you'd spend on a DJ and get some awesome food catered. I wouldn't do a slumber party unless people are too drunk to drive home and they don't want to take a cab/get a ride. :)

    Just have girl time and have some board games available if people want to play. If not, women know how to chat. 

  • Man I would LOVE to have an adult sleepover for my bachelorette party!

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  • if she likes to dance perhaps you can borrow or rent a video game system that has that Just Dance game, which is super fun in groups...several of them also have kareoke-type games available.
  • I love Just Dance parties - they require no DJ!
  • I love the karaoke machine rental idea. My friend and I had a party for another friend who was going away for several months on an exchange program, and we rented a karaoke machine and it was awesome. We got a huge laugh at the random song lyrics and used it to play other music too.

    Board games, booze, wedding movies, spa stuff (if you are into that) are all good ideas. You could have a competition for most outrageous pjs (not sexy but fun) or other silly things like that. 
  • I second or third or fourth the karaoke machine. Way cheaper and just as fun!

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