Waterview Brides--Centerpieces??

Hi all!

I'm getting married June 2014 at The Waterview, and I'm having trouble deciding whether to go with the centerpieces provided by the venue, or scrap them and work with something else entirely.  I'd like something nice, but not too crazy--it will be a large wedding so I can't break the bank with the beautiful tall vases of flowers!  I'm wondering if anyone has just used the centerpieces provided as is, or if you jazzed them up a bit--or if you didn't use them at all, what did you use instead that didn't break your bank? Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Waterview Brides--Centerpieces??

  • I can't speak for the centerpieces provided by The Waterview (do you have pictures?), but we're on a budget as well and we're pretty sure we're using what's provided by the venue (mirrors/ votive candles).  We might ask if we can skip the mirrors and/ or add a pillar candle but I have time to figure that out.

    I'm probably the wrong bride to ask- I love a nice centerpiece but I have such a hard time spending a lot of money on them.

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    I just attended a wedding there not too long ago. They used the centerpieces provided by them (the hurricane vases/candles). They were actually quite nice and guests enjoyed bringing them home with them. 

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    I'd say if you're on a budget, definitely consider their centerpieces. If you can afford to do your own, then maybe go that route.

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  • I'm getting married at the waterview and my brother also works there. They provide one hurricane vase with an thing white candle I think and I believe 3-5 smaller candles that would be placed around the hurricane vase.. or where ever you want them.

    Here is what I am doing. It's an October wedding and I'll have large pumpkins and flowers on top and I am definitely going to use their smaller candles to surround the pumpkin.

    My brother has said people on the past have replaced the center candle for a nicer one and put the hurricane vase in the center of flowers. If you are on a budget there are a ton of things on pinterest to jazz up the vase.  Or mooch off of just part of what they are providing like I am. 
    something as simple as this can make it look great
    Hurricane Centerpieces by nancycno, via Flickr

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