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Shoe dilemma!

Hey ladies!  

I am having a little bit of a shoe dilemma.  I bought the Kate Spade Flambe Flats (see below) that I have been in love with forever!  I didn't think it would be a problem because I never wanted a lacy dress, but the dress I ended up choosing has some tulle underneath to poof it out a little.  When I brought in my shoes to try on with my dress, the little pearls kept snagging the hem :(.  It gets caught in between the little nailhead holding the beads on and the tiny little gold bead above the pearl.

In my eyes I have three options here.. and this is where I need a little input.  (1) Use nailpolish and carefully seal the space in between each little gold bead and nailhead (this may or may not work).  (2) Have the seamstress sew in some sort of buffer or something (I think I dreamt this one up.. but who knows maybe it could work).  (3) Scratch them and just get some new shoes (so SAD!).

Any input would be greatly appreciated!  Also, my wedding isn't until next November, so I have plenty of time no matter what I decide.



Re: Shoe dilemma!

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    If you really want to wear these shoes, which it sounds like you do, it doesn't hurt to speak to the seamstress about it and see what they can do.


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