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Please help - parents' names on invitation

This is driving me absolutely insane. I swear I have spent more time trying to find the answer than picking out the actual invitations!

So: formal wedding, bride's parents hosting. They are married with the same last name. BUT my parents want my mom's first name to appear, also (not just the traditional Mr. & Mrs. John Doe).

Do I skip Mr. & Mrs and say "Jane and John Doe"
Do I use Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Doe

Or some other option?

Re: Please help - parents' names on invitation

  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe
    request the pleasure of your company
    at the marriage of their daughter
    Bride's First Middle
    Mr. Groom's Full Name
    Day, date
    City, State
  • CMGragain - so Ms. and not Mrs.? Even though she normally goes by Mrs.?
  • By very strict etiquette, only divorced ladies use Mrs. Jane Doe.  If your mother insists, it isn't the end of the world if you use it, but some guests just might jump to that conclusion.
    PS.  If this is a church wedding, you should "request the honour of your presence".
  • Nope, secular wedding - thank you!
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