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How much should my wedding budget be (for Herrington on the Bay)?

I am in love with Herrington on the Bay after going to a wedding there several years ago. The fiance and I are going to meet with them on the 5th, and I have no idea how to come up with a budget, but I know I need to because they told me to come up with one so we can work within it. My mom died and my fiance's mom doesn't know about these things so I don't really have anyone to ask.

We have a good amount of money saved, but we are also planning on buying a house at some point. We're planning on 120 guests, and I just don't even know what's normal for a wedding at Herrington (or anywhere), but I don't want to spend a ton. I also don't want to walk in and say "We don't have a budget, whaddya think we should spend?"

Thanks for any advice! I'm clueless.

Re: How much should my wedding budget be (for Herrington on the Bay)?

  • You're budgeting backward. First, you decide how much money you have or want to spend. That would be the portion of the savings you already have that you feel comfortable spending on the wedding. Or it would be the amount you anticipate being able to save in the time of your engagement (for this, you'd need a household budget with a line item for savings). 

    Then once you have that budget, you try to find a venue where you can afford to host the number of guests you want (120 in your case). That might be Herrington on the Bay, but it might not. Remember that this is an international board, so questions about specific venues should be asked on your local board,
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    It's up to you to figure out how much you're comfortable spending on your wedding and all things that go with the wedding.  Get a budget worksheet and start filling it in.  I know I had a number in the back of my head for the wedding and another number for the honeymoon.  Try to look at weddings in your area to get an actual idea of how much things cost (gown alterations, photography, music, floral, etc).

    If you're set on Herrington on the Bay you could ask if they have any price sheets/guides so you can see how much they charge for things (venue, bar, food, etc) - they may have some set packages.  It somewhat sounds like going into a car dealership where they say 'what do you want your monthly payment to be' and then they try to get you right to that monthly payment or a little over -- so it's best just to figure out what's important to you and ask how much they charge for it.

  • Assuming you mean the one in Southern Maryland, consider checking out Chesapeake Beach as well. It's just a bit down the road, so same bayside feel, but likely cheaper than Herrington.
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