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Im engaged to my best friend&an airman! NEW HERE:)

Hello, I am new here so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jenna and my fiance name is Andre.We have been together for four years and he got down on his knee December 15th 2013. We have not set an exact date yet, but we are looking at Fall 2016. The reason for our long engagement is because of money reason and I am totally okay with that. I want to do this right and be exactly what we want so I am willing to wait. 

I am not like most women so where he proposed was everything to me. He got on his knee while we were at my barn taking christmas cards pictures with all the boarders. He completely surprised me! Heres a picture that the photographer took to captured the moment. (I hope I uploaded the picture right haha)

As you have read above, I recently got engaged so I am looking for any input that any of you are wishing to give! 

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Re: Im engaged to my best friend&an airman! NEW HERE:)

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