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Been trying to cheer myself up

I have spent the past few days trying to cheer myself up and nothing is working. I just found out that one of my cats has advanced kidney failure and will only have a few months at the most left. I have had this cat since the day he was born. My mom used to foster cats and one of them was pregnant and my cat (kitten, original right?) was one of the littler. He is my baby and I'm having a really difficult time dealing with it. Idk why I'm posting this on this board. I guess I just needed to get it out there. Most of my friends and family have been too nice about it and that just makes me sadder. The exception being my BIL. He said I shouldn't be so upset because he is just a cat and all that did was piss me off.

Re: Been trying to cheer myself up

  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    I'm so sorry!  Our cat, whom my parents had before I was even born, passed away from kidney failure at the age of 18.  She lived a long and mostly healthy life, but it was just so sad.  I still miss her all the time, 9 years later.  

    It is really not easy.  Losing your cat will suck.  I have two cats right now and the thought of either of them passing away is heartbreaking.  But it's the price you pay for a lifetime of love.

    The best thing you can do is make her comfortable (make sure she is getting lots of water) and spend quality time with her.  My cat used to always come into our room when we were kids as my mom was singing lullabies, so we sang to her a whole lot in her last few weeks.
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    You have every reason to be upset. Its losing a family member. Take time to grieve 
  • Thank you guys. One of the reasons I've been on the the board so much when I'm suppose to be taking a break is because all her wants to do is cuddle in my lap and I don't have the heart to make him get down. I have other pets but Kitten is really special to me. Like I said before he is my baby. @JCBride I'm sorry about your kitty.
  • People who bond with cats are different from those who bond with dogs.  I love both, but my cats have always been extra, super special.  Do not minimize the pain of saying good bye to this beloved child, and our cats are always our children.  Male cats have always been more special to me.  Trust that you will do the right thing for his benefit out of love and compassion.  Then give yourself much time to heal. Remember, children in heaven need pets too.
  • Good morning.  First off - big kitty hugs to you and your furbaby.  I do want to share our story with you in hopes you can have more quality time with her (if you aren't already doing this).

    Back-story:  We are a 2 cat family (have been a 3 cat family too).  When our beloved Meathead died suddenly (most super cool cat, 13 yo ran around like a kitten and could hear you open string cheese from a mile away) we were down to our newest cat, Nermal.  Nermal was about a year old and we  had gotten him so that he could learn the ropes from an older cat and the 2 could be buddies.  

    With Meathead gone we decided to go to PetSmart to get a kitten as they bring in kittens/cats from local shelters and we do shelter animals.  We were going to get ONE kitten.  I walked in to find identical twins that I fell in love with.  I made sure I wasn't allergic to them and then brought the DH and DS in to choose which ONE we would take. (You know where this is going).  We brought them both home and our adventures with Newton and Einstein began.  Super cool, super huge paws (part Maine Coon - big kitties!).

    When they were 2 we noticed Newton lost a bit of weight.  It was gradual and they are so big we thought he was just not eating as much.  NOTHING seemed out of the ordinary.  Then all of a sudden, huge weight loss.  We go to the vet, they run tests and tell us our 2 year old kitty is in kidney failure and there is nothing they can do.  Newton and my DH were best buddies.  DH is not a dog guy, he is a super cat guy.

    We talked more with the vet and they taught us (mostly DH) how to do subcutaneous hydration. We had IV bags of saline solution and IV needles.  It just goes under their skin, not in a vein.  It made a world of difference and it bought us an extra 7 months with our beloved Newton.  It isn't that hard to learn to do, even I did it.

    I think it cost us between 40-50 dollars a month.  We were comfortable on this path as long as he stayed relatively social, interacting with us and the other cats.  We knew when he started to isolate himself that it was time to make the hard decision, but he stayed involved with all of us for an extra 7 months and we were very grateful to have that time with him.  He had an awesome personality and was a Master Opportunist.

    I hope this information helps and maybe buys you some time with your precious furbaby.  My heart goes out to you.
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    I'm so sorry, @jdluvr06. My heart goes out to you and your furbaby.
  • I'm so sorry to hear! We just put my dog down in November, after almost 18 years with her, and it was definitely difficult. I know a PP said that people bond differently with cats and dogs, which is true to an extent, but any pet you have will definitely leave a mark on your heart. It's not going to be easy, but know that your fur baby was loved and you're both better for having known each other. Hugs!

  • Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your cat! I know you probably don't care about the bright side, but at least you have some time left with him. 

    In the meantime, I'd suggest doing some of your favorite things. Light up your favorite scented candle, put on your favorite pajamas, and watch too many movies while you cuddle up with your little guy. 
  • Thanks everyone. I've been spending lot of time with him. He is sitting in my lap right now. My avatar is  picture of him.
  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    jdluvr06 said:
    Thanks everyone. I've been spending lot of time with him. He is sitting in my lap right now. My avatar is  picture of him.
    Awww he is a cutie.  I'm sure he feels so loved right now!  Sending furry hugs.
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  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    I am so sorry.  I lost my beloved white cat to kidney disease last January.  It is a relatively pain free way to go.  You will want to talk to your vet about what to look for as the end nears.
    My husband and I held each other and cried in the vet's office, but we knew we owed it to our baby to give him a peaceful, pain free end of life, even though he was only five years old.
    We still miss him.  The first week, we were devestated.  We are both retired, so we are home all day.
    I donated our left over cat supplies to a wonderful cat rescue organization. 
    After eight days, I went to a pet store to pet the homeless kitties there.  I had no intention of getting another cat.  Nothing could replace my beautiful baby. I just needed to pet something warm and furry. My husband went, too, just to make sure that I wouldn't bring home a cat.
    One hour later, DH was sitting on the floor of the pet store wearing a long haired orange cat from the cat rescue people.  The cat threw himself at my husband.  He meowed, purred and rolled in his lap. He threw his huge paws around husband's neck. We had to bring him home.
    No, it will never be the same.  Yes, there can be new love in your life.  God has a plan.
    Orange kitty is delighted to live with us.  He is extremely affectionate, and loves to be petted.  We have the satisfaction of knowing that he was an orphaned adult cat, who would have been much harder to place than a kitten.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you go through loss and grieving.  God bless.
  • sorry.

    Pets are like children, definitely family. It will hurt. I just think pets (and I've had cats and dogs) are like unconditional, always forgiving love.  It's ok and good for you to grieve,  but for now, keep him as comfortable as you can.  Again, sorry.
  • I'm so sorry. My dog is dying of cancer, nothing we can do. He is only 5, and he only has a month or two left. It's so hard, and it will only get harder as I get closer to the day he no longer enjoys his life. Enjoy the time left to you, and know that your kitty knows how well he is loved. They live in the moment, so make every moment ccount. And don't let anyone try to dismiss your grief and love. A pet is a family member, one of the few we get to choose, or chooses us. I'm sorry you are going through this.
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