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Affordable Beach Wedding in South Florida

Hi Everyone, 
I currently live in Virginia but am planning my November 2014 venue in South Florida--anywhere between Deerfield Beach to Miami. My budget is $5,000, and there will be approx. 40 guests. Is this doable? I would like the ceremony to have the beach as the setting. For the reception, I would like to find a venue that is all-inclusive and near the beach. What are your thoughts? 
It's so hard to not to see the venue before making these big decisions! 

Re: Affordable Beach Wedding in South Florida

  • You can probably do it at a lovely restaurant called Bimini Boatyard.  It is not too far from the beach (1-2miles) and the prices are exceptionally reasonable.  You could probably do the food for about 30-40.00 per person, depending on how fancy you get with menu, not sure about bar. Their larger room holds 80 people, which,for your size party, would leave room for dancing.  The windows look out onto their dock space and the room is very bright and airy.  I have done a number of events there and have never been disappointed.  The catering manager's name is Patti. Also, we are not far from the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute, so you may get lucky with a student photographer.  Finally, I always, highly recommend doing centerpieces from the Dollar Tree.
    Best of luck!
  • for a beach ceremony contact A Seaside Wedding, they do ceremonies on the beach.
  • PS : make sure you have a back up plan due to Florida weather and hurricane season, since it goes through the end of November.

  • I was also going to suggest Bimini Boat Yard. I was recently there for a baby shower and am also considering it as a wedding venue. I think the most expensive plate offered is like around $40, but there is no bar/drink package - it's per drink, so that may be a problem. You can find info at their website. http://biminiboatyard.com/parties.cfm
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