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2,000 Venue Budget

I'm getting married Oct 12, 2013 I'm on a very strict budget, but want a nice venue. I'm a single mom, and paying for the wedding on my own. Any help with cheap venue ideas would be Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: 2,000 Venue Budget

  • Roswell River Landing.... $500 deposit.... $900 rental fee. Deposit is returned so long as there are no damages.
  • My venue is 2000 if booked before the end of the year. It's a beautiful barn in Eatonton GA but it's all booked for October :(
  • I'd love to help you out! We know a lot of great vendors. Our wedding was almost 2 months ago. I'm going to message you privately about some details from my wedding, our venue was great, etc. 
  • If you don't mind some DIY, the Garden Hills Rec Center in Buckhead is very inexpensive, about $500 from 4 pm -11 on weekends and includes tables and chairs.  You can bring your own food and drink, decorations, etc.  If you have less then 100 people, this is a great site in Buckhead that doesn't break the bank and has a very rustic look. They are available after 1 pm on your date. I am having my reception there in May 2013.   Hope this helps!  gardenhillspool.org
  • Depending on the style of your wedding, The Peachtree Club cost 1500 to have your wedding and reception there. They have a terrace with a great view of the city.
  • I am also on a very limited budget and looking for wonderful venue.  However I am looking for somthing closer to Columbus, GA.  I would prefer to have everything in one place and including a small wedding chapel.  Any help you can provide for ideas in this area would be greatly appreciated. 

    The most important things for us are 1.  My two adult children can walk me down the isle (this is my first marriage) so the isle of the chapel needs to be wide enough 2.  Our ceremony and reception music has to be wonderful so the reception hall must be suitable for music and dancing 3.  Not so far away that we would have to find a way to finance accomodations for the wedding party. 4.  Not too fancy but not too redneck either.

    I am not a crafty person so doing alot of DIY for decorations etc. is out of the question.

  • Venue 92 in Woodstock, GA is opening in February and is offering discounts during their renovations.  www.venue92.com
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    please stop advertising for the peach brandy cottage!

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