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Telling/Asking your notsocomfortablewithlesbians parents to come to your wedding

Hi guys!

So i was raised in a Catholic family, my father is currently studying to become a deacon in the Church, and while i came out over 10 years ago, have been with my FI for almost 4 years... the topic is still not often discussed/ignored/. They have come a long way- but still not far enough to make me feel comfortable about telling them we are having a ceremony next december. I have already asked my brothers if they could walk me down the aisle(they are considering it) because my father has mentioned on more than one occasion that "attending a gay ceremony would affect his position in the Church and possibly getting into heaven"(WHAT!)

Moral of the story is: I still need to tell them it's happening-we have our venue, and photographer already- anyone gone through this- good/bad outcomes? Anyone have fun ways to tell them??

Ugh..i wish things were easier...
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Re: Telling/Asking your notsocomfortablewithlesbians parents to come to your wedding

  • My family are Catholic too. We recently found an ecumenical Catholic church near my hometown. We are meeting the priest this week in hopes of having the ceremony there.

    We are hoping this helps my family with their religous conflict. Although they have been supportive for the most part issues still arise....

    Surprise elopments aren't reccommended. Your family may interpret it as being excluded.
  • Hi,

    I know what you are going through. My parents attend a Baptist church and my dad is a Deacon. My fiance Robyn and I told my my mom and sister together (knowing my sister is a supporter) They both were excited but soon my mom changed her mind. I chose not to talk to my parent's for months because it hurt too much, but now I do talk with them (not as much) but it isn't the same. My grandfather (mom's father) will walk me down the aisle.

    It is good that your brothers are "considering" walk you down the aisle. If they don't, I bet you have other people that love you that would love to walk you down to your fiance. Also maybe consider walking with your fiance down the both are walking in to your furture together.

    Best of luck!


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