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Was there a back order on Kindle Fires?

I know I said I didn't want to know if BIL was lying, but I do.  We all went together to get Grandma one for Christmas.  He supposedly ordered it 10 days before we got together, but it was backordered so he couldn't give it to her when we were all there.  It was miraculously there Christmas morning for him alone to give to Grandma.


Re: Was there a back order on Kindle Fires?

  • My vote is for liar. 
  • Yeah, I don't think so.  I hate to put my vote in the liar hat, but dude is a fib pants.
  • liar, liar kindle on fire I guess.  I normally wouldn't even think about it, but he was lying Thanksgiving day.  He was been weird about wanting everyone at his house Christmas morning to open gifts. 

    He's also been weirdly video taping Grandma at different things.  It just feels like he's trying to get a viral video off doing something nice for her.  Maybe I'm jaded and my resolution should be to give them a break.

  • He's probably lying, but, if UPS was shipping...everything I ordered this year that shipped from them was several days late (and I'm Prime and should get 2-day shipping).
  • Yeah what syoun1nj said. If UPS was being used for the shipping and it was "guaranteeing" that it would arrive on Christmas Eve then there's a chance he wasn't lying. He just lucked out.

    My FI works for UPS and Christmas Eve night, in their HUB (at the airport where the packages are loaded onto the plane) alone, they had still over 10k packages that couldn't be delivered because there just wasn't any room. Too many packages were accepted and okayed for 1 night or over night air delivery....

    So I would find that out if you can before calling him a liar because he could of just been one of the ones that lucked out and his package was small enough to get through where lots of others didn't.
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  • While you may make a resolution to give them a break, 6, you still need to report their goings on to us so we can continue to not give them one.  ;) 
  • FTR- He supposedly orders on Dec 11 for a party Dec 22.  It wasn't a Christmas Eve thing. 

    For @Mrs.conn230 they haven't said if they will be here for Max's party Sunday.  They are a family of 5 adult sized eaters.  It makes a difference.

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