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ok so what is the issue for real.. PIP

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So I have been married for a month now.. yay!! 
and the pro pic all they gave us was like 30 shots and they said the rest of the edited photos wont be ready for another 3 to 5 months..
umm does that sound right or are they pulling my leg? Also the video people (I just wrote them today) but they said they should have a trailer 
of the day ready in a month but I knew it was going to take a while to get the full video back.. and then the photobooth people
she said she was going to give me a usb with the pictures from the photobooth as well as an album with the photos but now this chick 
is not answering my text message or emails.. what to do?? paging @misstira and @sultryzulu

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Re: ok so what is the issue for real.. PIP

  • Where are my manors here are the 30 pictures they send us 

    Password: Bwed

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  • It actually sounds kinda standard to me luvs.  Like for real for real? Tash is coming up on a 1st Anniversary and we finna see her and her photographer on Judge Judy.   I know you must be anxious to see everything, I would be too but think of it this way - even if she were only working on one package at a time, there's shot sorting, editing, retouching and presentation of hundreds of pictures per wedding, it is time consuming.   I'd say if you can stand it, give all your photo vendors another month and if they're still playing stick and move, in the sweetest southern voice you can muster advise them kindly the next correspondence will be an equally sweetly worded letter from your attorney.

  • ok @sultryzulu what about the photobooth girl?

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    how long did she say she was gonna take to get you the usb?   See I don't want things to get unpleasant while she still has an irreplaceable product which you've already paid for.  If you get ignant, all it does is ruin her day.  if she gets ignant, you could lose your pictures.   You said text messages and emails, have you called her?  Seriously I would convey how anxious I am in a voicemessage something like:

    Hi so and so, it's the newly crowned Lecia Bartley lol, you guys did an awesome job with my photobooth back on November 17th.  listen I know you're probably super busy, i'm just checking on your progress, not to rush you but the hubs and I would love to use a few of those pictures for our Christmas card.  If there's some sort of hold up or problem, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can discuss it.  Thanks. 

    A reasonable person who is not in the hospital or going through some sort of family emergency will answer you.  If you hear nothing but crickets 7 days after this message, go over her head, a boss, a corporate office, another message saying you can't wait to the tell the cabillion other brides on your message board the name of her business, but know what you risk once you take that step.

    p.s. the pics we can see?  ::twirls:: gawgeous!! 

    Tira you are froggy as hayle today!!  lol!! stop it.


    eta: to correct. because your name is not Bentley.  yikes. sorry lol!





  • ok what to do now I called and left a voicemail for the photobooth people and I emailed the video people and no answer :(

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  • LeciaB you might have to wait until after Christmas.. giving them the benefit of the doubt they may be closed down for Christmas...

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  • I agree with Tira.  They may be closed for the holiday.  Also, check your contract.  My photog has 8 weeks total to return my images (she usually returns before then).
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  • @missusD1116.. ok so I took your advice and re-read the contract.. and the video people said at least 2 months which is cool .. but I cant find anything about a time frame for the photobooth photos.. and I already knew about the pro. pix.. but this photobooth thing im getting antsy... plus I called texted and email and left a voicemail. 

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  • I don't have an answer about the photographer, but I just came in here to say I loved your photos.  You made a beautiful bride and the dress was beautiful!  I loved the bridesmaid dresses too.  Congrats!!
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