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I have a dilemma. I already picked my bridesmaids, and my fiancé has picked his groomsmen. He has 7 and I have 6 and I'm totally okay with that. However, I've recently become really close with a girl I work with and I'm thinking about adding her to my bridal party. We've been friends for awhile but we've just recently started to form a much closer bond. We hang out often and she has given me such good advice with the wedding. She's already invited to the wedding, so it wouldn't be adding anyone to the guest list. I just don't want her to think that she's an after thought. HELP!!

Re: Adding a bridesmaid

  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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    If you really want her in your party, go for it. As long as you are not doing it just to have even sides - which you said you did not care about anyways. I would just stress the fact that you guys have become really close in recent months, and that you would be honored to have her be in your wedding party, if she was up to it. Or something along those lines. Basically, stress the fact that you have become closer, and as a result you would want her to be in your wedding. Friendships change and many become stronger as time goes on, so I don't think she would feel that you were inviting her as an after thought. 


  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    It should be fine to ask her to be in your WP.
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    I'd feel free to ask her.  I agree with @pinkcow13 that it would be appropriate to stress that your relationship with her has become close.
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