I'm a NEWB...Halp! Serious budget dilemma and May 2014 date!

So I have a hubby to be, a pastor and we want to have a wedding at home.  We are on a seriously tight budget as in everything we were saving for a wedding was unfortunately just put into dental work for me so that I wouldn't have to get into dentures before my 30th birthday.  I have no idea what I am doing and I feel like an absolute ding dong.  My sister was always really good with this stuff but she passed away a few years back and I am just having a fit trying to figure out what I should be doing at this point.  I know it is more than the nothing and photo gazing I have been doing so far.  Any recently married ladies or further along in the planning stages that could offer assistance would be greatly appreciated and any and all suggestions are always welcomed.  Much obliged, Claire


Re: I'm a NEWB...Halp! Serious budget dilemma and May 2014 date!

  • What are specifically looking for advice on? Where in Virginia do you live?
  • Just do champagne (trader joes has best prices on wine per box) appetizers and cake, have the ceremony at 1pm, it's not necessary to have a full on dinner. Call it a European style wedding
  • I recently got married this past year and it was a whirlwind! If you are going slim on budget, you can send e-vites for the event and find a used dress online (there are great brand new dresses that other brides can't return and must sell).

    Where is the wedding going to be held and what weekend in May? I love photography and want to practice so am looking to shoot weddings for free! I'd shoot the wedding and give you all images (many edited) on a disc with all rights released.

    Let me know and hopefully my advice helped!
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