August 2014 Weddings

August 10, 2014

Who here is a wedding date twin?!

Re: August 10, 2014

  • Me! :-) Nice to meet you!
  • This is our date as well!
  •  Me to and Im already going crazy lol
  • Im getting a bit stressed now because Im going dress shopping soon!

    ..and I need to find a photographer!!! 
  • We are trying to figure out whether we should pick aug 10, 2014. Its an outdoor wedding and I'm worried it might be too hot over here in ct. Any thoughts?
  • @grandmais entirely outdoor or outdoor ceremony, indoor reception?  If just the ceremony is outside, I'd say you're fine, just provide some water or fans for guests.  We're having outdoor ceremony (with fans and drinks for guests) and indoor reception (with air conditioning in the building).  Spending the entire thing outside might be too hot unless there's a tent (with a standing AC or fans) or if it's later at night when the sun isn't beaming down.  Lots of cold beverages are definitely necessary! 

  • I'm August 10 as well :) Just reserved our space last week! 
    I wanted to do outside, but it seems that our venue does not do outdoor ceremonies - we're making it work though! 
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