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New here - vendor recs please

Hello everyone! My FI and I are getting married at a hotel venue in October. We are having a smallish wedding, probably with fall colors but no real theme. :) I wanted to see if I could get a few vendor recs for the following:

Onsite hair and makeup

Affordable florist - It seems like many florists have a large minimum, and with our small wedding and tight budget we can't afford $2k for flowers. DIY is not an option though. I'm not creative and I find DIY projects to be very stressful.

budget friendly decorator - I have no idea what stuff like this should cost. I'm thinking maybe some ceiling draping and linens?

Thanks so much!

Re: New here - vendor recs please

  • Check out Makeup by Mici for hair/makeup. She's really affordable and does a fantastic job:  http://micimakeup.wix.com/makeup-by-mici

    For flowers, I used Violet's Flowers and couldn't have been happier. I think her minimum was $1200, so it may be more than you were expecting to spend, but she will work with you on budget while making sure to give you beautiful flowers.  http://www.violetsevents.com/

    As for decor, does your hotel have a coordinator? Sometimes they can put you in touch with the vendors they typically use for decor and you get a small discount. I used Katiee from Apres and she spent a lot of time with me until we got something that was in my price range. She even made suggestions about certain items that I could buy cheaper on my own vs. renting from them and I was able to resell all of it after the wedding.




  • Thank you for the recs!
  • We're using Lakeside Floral and all our arrangements are only costing us 2k. Our guest list is is about 200 people with a wedding party of 10.

    Wedding Black & White, Sepia
  • Thanks! I have checked both florists website. Makeup by Mici looks great, but she doesn't do hair. :(
  • Mici has a number of hair stylists that she brings in as needed. I had Pauline for hair and loved her.
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