Need a location for a rehearsal dinner within 30 mins. of Blue Bell, PA

I'm looking for an affordable location to host a rehearsal dinner within 30 mins. of Blue Bell.  I'm new to the area from NJ so I'm not sure where to look.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Need a location for a rehearsal dinner within 30 mins. of Blue Bell, PA

  • We had our rehearsal dinner at Gino's Ristorante in Norristown.  Gino's is within 30 minutes, so you may want to look into their pricing and options.

  • Hi rondiddy1! I don't know if this is within your budget, but look into The William Penn Inn. They have rooms of all different sizes to accommodate different party sizes and the food is excellent. This is where we had my rehearsal dinner and we were very pleased.  

    Some other nearby restaurants you might want to look into: Bluefin (sushi/Japanese), Thai Orchid (awesome Thai - but no private rooms), Pepperoncini in Conshohocken if your group is small, Great American Pub for something more casual, Spampinato's in Conshohocken, Maggiano's in KOP... Let me know if you need more info.

  • thanks to the both of you! we are trying to get something in the $15-$20 per person range but thats so hard to find. we are trying to save the parents money so we are almost running out of options outside of ordering
  • There are some really nice restaurants in Skippack, but probably not in that price range. One restaurant that might work with you is the Farmhouse Restaurant at Skippack Golf Course. They have great salads and sandwiches and a few entrees in your price range. They would probably work with you on price.  My florist lives nearby and told me about it and we love it there now.  It's about 15 minutes from Blue Bell.  Mirna's Cafe in Blue Bell is also really nice.  I've eaten lunch there a few times.  They're within your price range.  And one other suggestion is Phil's Tavern in BLue Bell. It's a very casual place with good sandwiches and some entrees in your price range.  Of the three, the Farmhouse is my favorite and it's really cozy and pretty inside.    I just remembered about Broad Axe Tavern in Blue Bell but they may be a little high.  And Lai Lai Garden for fancy Chinese also in Blue Bell.  They might work with you on a package too. So there are lots of places in the area to choose from.  Good luck.
  • thank you all so much!  jimbos bride, i just took a trip to normandy and drove back home through skippack and discovered some nice places. looked online and am definitely interested in the farmhouse restaurant.
  • You're welcome.  And if you need a florist for your wedding or rehearsal dinner, mine works at Normandy Farms a lot.  She's reasonably priced and so creative and lives near the Farmhouse. 
  • I looked at a lot of places in that area with that same budget and came up empty. I ended up going with Ristorante Verona in Malvern but it like $50 a person and we are paying for it :( It just seemed impossible to get a reservation on a Friday night for 30 people at an affordable price unfortunately.

    Good luck!
  • Try Mainland Grille in Harleysville/Skippack area.  They're pretty reasonable, and within the distance you want :)
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