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My own body is against me

I have poly-cystic ovarian disorder and it has affected my weight since puberty. I am currently 60 lbs over what the Dr recommended ideal weight is. I really do not care about getting down that small but i would like to get in shape for my wedding going form losing ten dress sizes by June would be ideal. Any advice on exercise and diet changes would be useful.

Re: My own body is against me

  • Honestly, If I were you I would order the dress size you are now JIC. Life gets crazy and time flies. So unless you are extremely dedicated to losing that weight and end up doing so, you can always take in a dress, but it's almost impossible or even more expensive to take a dress out. 

    I suffer from ovarian cyst and always feel off about my body. One thing to do to help those cyst and your weight is to stop drinking frequent amounts of caffine. (If you do that is)

    Up your intake of water, certain fruits (you might google some fruits/veggies that are very anti-inflammatory) and google some healthier recipes to make.

    Another helpful tip is to get an app for your phone that you can track calories, etc. I use myfitnesspal and it helps so far. Exercising is also key. I am having difficulties with that myself as I always feel tired and bloated.However, it is very essential as eating healthy alone will not work.

    Anywhoo- I hope this helps and wish you all the best! GL!
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  • Hi I would suggest if you're on instagram or pinterest search healthy eating ideas and exercise, but be specific with exercise like ab workouts or cardio. I do this because I can't afford a trainer and I can easily search the food ideas for free and try things out without buying  meal plan. When I'm in a time crunch I can also take about 15min in my home and knock out some circuit training if I can't make the gym. Btw I do have a membership at Planet Fitness which is only $10/month. Good luck
  • Hormones are one of the biggest battles for women and weight loss--honestly, considering your condition and how much you want to lose, I would suggest speaking to your doctor about your goals and ideas for keeping your hormones under control. Good luck!
  • @SadieTEK I was recently diagnosed with PCOD too and it explains my weight fluctuations over puberty and adulthood. I've weighed as little as 98lbs and as much as 185. I've tried very hard to maintain right in the middle for the last five years.

    I can't take birth control pills since I get auras with my migraines and the pills put aura-sufferers at risk for stroke so my doc is putting me on Mirena. We may still need some hormone supplements. I don't know.

    In the meantime I try to eat right and cut out sugars. It's hard because I have a huge sweet tooth. I am going to get the fitbit to help track calories and steps here soon and I see a personal trainer.
  • @SadieTEK I would love to help you reach your fitness goals! I am on a weightloss journey myself and have a private motivational group on Facebook for women just like us looking to lose weight and stay in shape. If you wanna join us send me an email at [email protected] or find me on FB at


  • The private FB groups really help.  I'm on antipsychotics and I've manage to lose about 2 lbs a week over the last 3 months.
  • I hate hate hate tracking calories and writing down what I eat... But in 2 weeks of using myfitnesspal, and realizing what I was eating and how badly I snack out of boredom, I stopped. And I lost 7 pounds really easily. I gave up for awhile, but I want to start again tomorrow. I have a horrible sweet tooth, hormone issues, and take prescriptions that make losing weight harder... But with determination, we can do this!
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