since delegation isn't working...i need your help!!!!

alright ladies! i have roughly 75 days until i tie the knot and i have SO MUCH TO DO! my mother keeps telling me to delegate. yet...for some odd reason she isn't fulfilling  her and neither is my FMIL. 

so here are some things i need help with! we are getting married in Wayne PA . i am looking for a rehersal dinner space that is not too far away from that area, and that would seat maybe 30 people. we thought of the iron hill in chestnut hill but they do not accept reservations for the back room on fridays, we also thought about ginos in norristown but my fiance isnt sure its " nice" enough. i have never been there so i dont know. 

second then! pretty important actually. AN OFFICIANT! FMIL really wants to get one of her judge friends to do it. wich might have to be my only option. but i was hoping for someone a little bit more personal and who would take the time ( what little time we have) and creating someting special. after all....we have spent a lot of money and a lot of time on this wedding...i think it deserves for that a quick 10min hi-bye-kiss-done thing. maybe im wrong. 

anyways thanks in advance! those are the two main things....but trust me i have a laundry list of things that need to get done. getting the flue isnt helping the planning :(

Re: since delegation isn't working...i need your help!!!!

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    Hang in there, cmgannett! You're almost there! I had my rehearsal dinner at The William Penn Inn in Blue Bell. Not sure if that is close enough, but it's great for rehearsal dinners.

    As for an officiant, we worked with Maria Odilia Romeu from Journeys of the Heart and we loved her. Our ceremony was so tailored to us and we could have as much or as little say as we wanted. We got a ton of compliments about the ceremony and how nice it was and how much it reflected us.

    Good luck and feel better!
  • I've been to the White Dog Cafe in Wayne.  It's really nice but you'd have to check to see if they'd do a rehearsal dinner. King of Prussia.  There was an earlier post about rehearsal dinner places around Blue Bell.  If that's not too far, there may be some good suggestions there. If you need a last minute Day of Coordinator/planner, mine was fantastic and so very helpful. I can give you her information if you're really overwhelmed.  She advertises that she is willing to step in at the last minute if she's free.  It might be worth the cost to get a lot done.
  • you know....a last minutete planner isnt a bad idea! im a bit overwhelemed. i always think " no big deal i can do that!" and then work, bills, family, personal time, life happens and i dont do it. id love her info if you dont mind! [email protected] 

    white dog is great! but i am looking a pretty large dinner, around 30 most likely. and i think its too small for that amount. my thinking is " JUST BOOK A PLACE ALREADY!" but since i left it to my fiance and he is REALLY over thinking it i want to act as a help...not a decision maker. mainly because i have done everything else so i wanted this to be the one thing i didnt have to think of. 

  • This is Wendy's website  Her email and phone # are on there.  She calls her service Planner on Call.  She's wonderful.  I live in the Collegeville area so I don't know a lot about restaurants in Wayne.  Sorry!  I do know places like the Farmhouse Restaurant in Skippack that will close and turn the restaurant over to a rehearsal dinner.  It's charming, affordable, and the food is really good, but it's around 20 minutes from Wayne. Good luck!
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