Band vs. DJ

ok - so I just found out that my FH is the "live music type of guy" (his words, not mine lol) and would like a band for the reception.  The whole time, I've had DJ in my mind.  Maybe I have visions of The Wedding Singer in my head that are clouding my judgement, but I also like the idea of having an actual song to dance to - not someone else trying to sing it.  In particular, I've always thought my father and I would dance to an older country song that I LOOOVE - I don't think any wedding band would know it...same thing with the Michael Buble song I have in mind for FH and I's first dance.  I don't want to just pick one song from a list of 4 or 5 that a band knows how to perform for those super special dances.  Am I crazy?  What is everyone's opinion and experiences on the band vs. DJ debate?!?!

Re: Band vs. DJ

  • I would say talk to a couple bands and see what they know. Also, do your research. You may be surprised by the variety you may find.
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