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where to sell used bridesmaid dresses?

Hi ladies... I'm wondering if any of you have had any success selling your used bridesmaid dresses anywhere?  I have a bunch from weddings that I was in and now they're just taking up a lot of space in my closet and I've had no luck selling them on craigslist.  If I don't sell them by the end of the summer... I think I'll probably just donate them somewhere.   Any recommendations?  

Re: where to sell used bridesmaid dresses?

  • You might be interested in NewlyMaids - it's where you donate your old dress and get a discount on buying a new little black dress for yourself.

  • You can sell them in your dreams... and I'm only being slightly sarcastic there :)

    Newlymaid is a good site if you're looking to recoup your costs somewhat, trustworthy.  And probably - that's the best you're doing to do.  You can try Bride2Be in Burnsville but honestly they have a mountain of BM dresses and not many seem to turn over.

    They provide girls who otherwise couldn't afford to attend their prom with a dress, shoes, accessories etc.  They are a 501c3 so you should be able to deduct the in-kind value of your dresses, but I don't know if they give a receipt.
  • no ideas on where to sell, but i know that there is a donation event coming up soon for ever after gowns.   its used gowns for high school students for prom.
  • I donated a couple of my prom dresses to Operation Glass Slipper, their site has a list of drop off sites. I got a receipt for it. Donating might be a better route.
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  • I just checked out a store in St. Paul today called Sixpence Boutique and would like to see a small, locally run store succeed!  They take consignment brides and bridesmaids dresses as well as ring pillows, purses, and jewelry!  Good luck in whatever you do.
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  • I sold mine for $50 on Ebay in less than a week of listing it :) It looks like a lot of the David's dresses sell on Ebay if people are looking for the same style/size.
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