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Instead of meal choice on invite- pie choice?

We're having a buffet so no meal choice is needed. Fiance and I both hate cake so we're having a small personal cheesecake made for us. For everyone else we are having individual sized pies. Should we put the options on the reply card (apple, blueberry, banana, chocolate) or should we just guess at how many of each to order with the majority being apple?

Also they come in their own little box. I was just going to leave them in the boxes and display on a table that way if people are full they can take theirs home. Does that sound ok or ugly? Should I order more than in attendance in case people take 2 or should I put out a sign that says like Please Take One? And do you think people would mind if we have cheesecake and they don't- is that rude?

Re: Instead of meal choice on invite- pie choice?

  • Also if it matters- we're only having 60 guests so not like 250 individual pies! And they come already in a box from the grocery store so the box gets wasted either way if we remove it or the guest does. So it's really no more complicated than having an expensive baker make a cake and the plates to serve it.
  • Yea, I posted this elsewhere and definitely learned that would be rude to not have cheesecake for everyone so pie it is! :)
  • Ok, good, you've already decided to serve the same things for everything. I would not have the pie choice on the RSVP card. It would be very odd to have to decide 6 weeks ahead of time whether I would be in a chocolate mood, a berry mood, etc at your wedding. I would have extras in case people take two. Is there any way you can get big pies instead, so people can. Have small servings of multiple flavors? Also, it might be confusing if they are in the boxes whether they are favors to take home or the dessert for the reception.
  • Have a self serve table set up with all of the pies.  You might want up to 120 pies so people can have the flavor they want or maybe have more than one.  It should be fine to leave them in their boxes.  If you are having a self serve coffee station this will complement it.  If you plan on putting a menu card/cards on the tables you can list dessert and say something like please help yourself after dinner to your choice of pies: apple, blueberry, banana or chocolate.  We did something like this with our 3 different desserts.  There was a bit left over (some of which I took home and froze) but people were happy to have more than one serving and/or take some home.

  • I went to a wedding where the pie was the centerpiece at each table. The tables seated 8 and the pies were sliced into 10 slices, so it encouraged people to mingle to get different kinds of flavors from other tables - it was a great idea!

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  • PS - I will also be doing pie!

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  • Cheesecake. I think I just got smacked upside the head. Why on earth didn't I think of this? I love cheesecake...
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