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Stacked cake from sheet cake...?

Does anyone know if and how you can make a stacked/layered cake using store-bought sheet cake?

I LOVE Costco cake. I think it's the most delicious cake ever. I would absolutely just have one as my wedding cake except I want to do the freeze the top layer and eat it on your anniversary thing. So I wonder if there's a way to turn a sheet cake into a stacked cake. As far as I know, Costco cakes only come in full sheet rectangles, and I could get it iced in plain white. Any ideas on if or how this can be done? Any personal experiences? I'm thinking if I cut out the middle, sort of like a donut hole, then put a cake stand in the hole that's just at or below the rest of the cake's height, place the "donut hole" onto the stand, then smooth over icing on the exposed edges and the seam. But who knows how that will look.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Stacked cake from sheet cake...?

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