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CA Outdoor Venue with Wide Open Space - Fields/Mountains

Hi there- this is my very first message board post ever!

My fiance and I are looking for a venue in the Southern half of California where there are wide open fields, with mountains and trees in the background. 

My favorite that I've seen so far are the fields toward the end of these photos: http://tylerbranchphoto.com/2012/05/matt-liz-santa-barbara-wedding/
That would be perfect!

Does this place of perfection even exist in real life?: http://tylerbranchphoto.com/page/3/

Anything along the lines of those photos would be fantastic. I would like to spend as little as possible, so I'd love to find that there is an option at a park or secluded spot.

I appreciate your help! Thanks :)

Re: CA Outdoor Venue with Wide Open Space - Fields/Mountains

  • San Luis Obispo County has places that look just like those photos.
    The wineries in Paso often have backdrops like that. Edna Valley Winery in San Luis Obispo county has gorgeous views.

    Here's a blog with some photos. I just did a google search, but there are lots of photos with a similar feel to what you described. Unfortunately, since open land is at a premium, it's hard to find inexpensive venues unless you know someone who owns a ranch.
    The Ranch at San Miguel is also gorgeous.

    Montana De Oro State Park has gorgeous views, and is on public land, so you might look into that. It's by the ocean as well.

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