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crop top gown- seriously?

jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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There was an article on Yahoo today about "wedding trends for 2014" and there was some lady (editor?) from TK listing all these outrageous things saying they are going to be so popular...one of them was wedding gown separate skirt and top with a cropped top!!! Are you freakin nuts- that will not be popular and hardly anyone has the body to pull it off. Maybe on some runway at Paris fashion week but not it real life lol 



Re: crop top gown- seriously?

  • Ick. Crop top shirts were popular this year. Somehow I don't see that trend making its way to the wedding industry though

  • No matter how how awesome my abs look...

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Midriff wedding dresses?  Oh lord, is 1990's fashion coming back?
  • BlergbotBlergbot An enchanted land member
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    I'm most appalled at the faux fur table runners. Barf.
  • Honestly, I'm a fan of separates... but crop tops? Nope, nope and nope!
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  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    I hope that doesn't catch on.  I'm really not a fan of over-the-top sexy wedding dresses, I think it's just weird.  At your wedding the only person interested in seeing that much of you is the groom, who (usually) already has seen all that anyways and will see it later.  Everyone else is either friends or family that don't want to see that much of you (Unless they're creeps, in which case you don't want to show them that much.)
    Not that I don't think a bride can or should look/feel sexy on her wedding day- I would just prefer to look sexy like Audrey Hepburn than to look sexy like Miley Cyrus.  Skin isn't the only way to be sexy.
  • I'm sorry, but ab-so-fucking-lutely no.  150 of your closest friends and family don't need to see your stomach on your wedding day.  I still don't get the see through torso dresses that always had on SYTTD, but that's just me.  

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