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Hello!  I just started planning my wedding.  Our plan is for a destination wedding with a reception at home near Baltimore.  I'm not looking for a super fancy venue.  I'd like a fun party and preferably near a hotel...if not I will provide a shuttle.  I would love to be able to bring in my own food and alcohol if at all possible.  This is a second wedding for both of us so I'm not trying to be super fancy.  I'm more concerned about people having a great time.  Any suggestions for where I may start to look?

Re: Looking for a venue...

  • We had a small wedding, and considered having a larger party afterwards. When I was scoping things out, I really liked The Other Barn and Amherst House, both in Columbia. You would need the shuttle, but there are plenty of hotels in the area and you may be able to get one of them to comp a shuttle service for you. What I liked was that the venues were relatively affordable, came with tables and chairs, and had very few restrictions. I was going to use inexpensive catering from a BBQ place like Beefalo Bobs, get a good DJ, do a few DIY decorations, and call it a good time.
  • Baldwin Hall in Millersville. It's about $1000 to rent, and you get it all day. Only thing is it's fully unstaffed, so you have to bring in EVERYTHING yourself besides chairs, tables, and the space. There's a pretty outdoor area too for pictures.

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