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Antigua anyone?

HI everyone, my fiancé and I are hoping to marry next year on the beautiful island of Antigua but it's going to be a challenge! We've never been before so don't know what area would be the best to stay in, near the beach/nightlife etc., all on a tight budget.

Does anyone have any tips? We're gonna need a great deal on flights (we're in Ireland), best value accomodation and then hair and make up person and photographer. From what I read it's not too complicated to obtain a license. I don't know for sure about things like, can you have the ceremony right on the beach or does it have to be indoors? How do you arrange a solemniser? Can you take sand from the beach? (We want to get an hourglass made with sand from the beach where we married).There might be lots of other things I'm not even aware of.

We'd appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you.

Re: Antigua anyone?

  • I have never been to Antigua either but it's on my places of possibilities for my DW. As far as the laws go I found a site that made that part of the research very easy It tells what is required from each place :)

    PS I loved my experiences in Ireland and thought about going back for the DW but cut it out due to airfare :)
  • Antigua has gorgeous water. It's pretty easy to navigate. I wish I had more advice to give on weddings. You may want to look at some of the resorts to see if they offer wedding packages with a certain night stay.
  • I'm getting married in October at the grand Pineapple beach resort. The island is only small so no matter where you are it is central to everything (just a short taxi ride)
    Most resorts have wedding packages which are a great help.
    For photographers I would book Jason Pickering. I've never used him but his work is amazing and good prices!
    I'm having a sand ceremony where we pour sand into a bottle.
    Anything is do able in Antigua!
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