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Engaged, wedding planned, now pregnant....what to do!!!!

So my finance proposed to me on September 3rd 2013.  We got planning right away since we live in California and wanted to have the wedding in Philadelphia (most of our family is there).  Now we have an issue.  We have the location, photographer, DJ, caterer, and dress and our wedding is planned for 10-12-14.  On December 17th  we find out that i am pregnant!  The concern is not with what people think because that is a non issue.  We have been together for almost 9 years and are incredibly in love and supportive of each other. I am due 8-5-14 and wedding is 10-12-14!  I'm totally freaking out because i have no idea if we can even pull this off but we would loose sooooooo much money if we ditched the date and planned it for later.  I am worried about traveling with a two month old from CA-PA as well as  fitting in the dress i already purchased!  Does anyone have any advice on this predicament? 

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  • Thank you so much ladies!!!  actually the most helpful things anyone has said!!!!  I'm not worried now.  I am just gonna let it go!  If it fits it fits if not ill re-purpose it somehow...or donate it to someone who deserves a beautiful dress and cant afford it.  We will deal with life as it comes!  Also thank you emmyg65 for the travel suggestion for flying over night!  That is super helpful!!
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    Just wanted to chime in and say congrats on your new addition!  You sound like your priorities are totally in the right place.  :)  Donating your dress if it ends up not fitting is a lovely idea.
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