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Affordable NYC/ tri state are wedding!

Hey beauties!!! I'm newly engaged and am looking for an awesome venue in NYC, Brooklyn, queens etc. I've inquired at a bunch of places, and keep coming up with numbers like 65,000 for venue alone. Is that normal, or is it possible to do a wedding in NYC for a sensible (50,000) budget. I'm looking at the green building, foundry, new leaf cafe and manhattan loft as of now,...any suggestions??

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  • how many guests will you be having?  That significantly impacts budget.
  • Yeah, you're going to be more limited in NYC to find a place that holds that many people.  You could go the more traditional catering hall route in Queens for example, there would probably be more reasonable per person costs and will hold that many guests.  You should be able to get something for around 150 per person plus tax and service charge, that gets you around 30,000 for 150 guests.  It's hard to give specific suggestions without knowing the vibe you're going for.  If you want a trendier venue it's going to cost more.

    Where have you inquired already?
  • Thanks so much for being so incredibly helpful! We are looking mostly at Brooklyn venues right now because of price. We're going for non traditional. I love the idea of a raw space that we can make our own. I would also love an out door space, but those seem hard to come by
  • Have you tried the green building, liberty warehouse and dumbo loft?
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    I think that outside of Manhattan proper, your budget is reasonable.  We are hosting 160 for $35,000 at Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, NJ.  The actual venue cost (ceremony, food, open bar, cake) is $120pp.  It's a very traditional vibe though.
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  • You should check out Water's Edge Long Island City, giando on the water, terrace on the park in Queens. Marina Del Rey In the Bronx they have nice view outdoors. The liberty warehouse in Brooklyn. In the city TriBeCa rooftop and 230 Fifth Avenue they have nice rooftop to view the cities..
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    Check out Studio Square in LIC. Non traditional, modern/loft, they include everything. They were going from around $160-$205 depending on whether it would be a buffet - full dinner and day of week. We are doing ours at the Central Park Boathouse and it all came out to $30K for 125 guests. One of the places we liked that was very different was Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO. $14K for everything but the catering.


  • I'd say definitely go non-traditional and hire a DOC to make everything come together. That's what I'm doing. My DOC is helping me plan everything (all for her day-of package price) and I can tell that I've already saved THOUSANDS! I'm really very happy about this. I'm so glad that I can have all of my family and friends there without needing to cut people due to costs or create a "B" list for invites. 
    There are some really great raw spaces in Brooklyn! I love the views of some places but more traditional venues just cost more money.
    If you'd like more info ab my DOC - message me! I can't praise her enough for her work so far. She's having a referral special :)
  • You can also try Stage 6 at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.
  • If you're interested in the Boathouse @ Prospect Park, we're looking for someone to pass our 5/31/2014 contract to. We really love the venue but just aren't able to afford that wedding right now (I am currently looking for work). The caterer manages everything except flowers and music. $155/person for buffet, $165/person for formal plated dinner, $4500 park fee, $1000 refundable deposit.
  • If you decide on a Sunday or Saturday brunch, check out the Trump in SoHo.  
  • I am in the same boat... looking for an affordable NYC area wedding on a Saturday night in August... everything seems to be very expensive around here! We would love to get married somewhere in Jersey City or Long Island City with a Manhattan skyline view.. anyone have price info for Jersey City venues (Hyatt Regency, Liberty House, Maritime Parc, etc.)?
  • jodiklempner try Terrace on the Park in Queens.  My sister just booked there and they have a patio on the roof with beautiful views that they use for cocktail hour.  Pricing is pretty low compared to most places.  Ask for Ricky.
  • jodiklempner  ... Liberty House quoted me the following:  Packages range in price starting from $130 to $190, Ceremony additional $10.00 per person. I'm shocked at how expensive everything is. What date are you planning your wedding for?

    @Jess41 - How did you find/choose your DOC? It's looking like I will be taking that route too. What venue did you decide on? 
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